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A Guide to Mastering Schedules

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Managing even your own schedule can feel overwhelming in today's fast-paced world. Now, imagine orchestrating the schedules of thousands, each with its unique demands. This e-book reveals the secrets to mastering such complex schedules, turning overwhelming chaos into a symphony of efficiency. Dive in to transform time into your greatest ally and productivity into your hallmark.

Mockup of our Scheduling eBook

Blog: Staff Management Tools & Strategies

Check out our latest blog posts on Workforce Management, Employee Scheduling, and Time & Attendance here.

User Interaction Improvements in Complex Environments

Improving user interaction in your software applications can be challenging, but it's important. There are a ...

Event Templates for the Restaurant Industry: Creating Daily Schedules in Seconds

Hospitality Scheduling Event Templates In a previous blog post, we talked about our pending Event Templates ...

Managing Staff Location & Geofencing On-Site

Geofencing & Location Tracking We’ve talked about what geofencing is in a previous blog post, but how does ...

Minimum Viable Product vs. Enterprise Releases

Timing is important for product releases. For time-sensitive situations, minimum viable products are typically ...

The Importance of Quality Assurance

Learn about how the quality assurance process can help your business and improve your product.

Change Notification Modules: Change is Good for Everyone

Our New Change Notification Module In this day and age, where information is at our finger tips, there is now ...

Making Celayix More Mobile-Friendly

To bring our clients more value with cutting edge technologies, Celayix has decided to make the transition from ...
Celayix – Security Scheduling Software

Celayix – Security Scheduling Software

Security Shift Scheduling Software - Celayix

New Software: Tips & Tricks for Success

Change is hard. Change in the workplace is especially difficult to get used it, particularly if it involves ...
The Importance of Guard Touring for Security Companies

The Importance of Guard Touring for Security Companies

What is Security Guard Touring? - Guard Touring is the process of recording and verifying the activities of ...
Police Scheduling Software: All you need to know

Police Scheduling Software: All you need to know

Police scheduling software can be the difference between a functioning operation, and a costly, inefficient one. ...
Shift management made easy 

Shift management made easy 

Shift management is an essential part of a companies operations. Learn the challenges associated with it and the ...