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Whether it’s software scheduling for security or healthcare Celayix can help!

Regardless of your industry, if you schedule a lot of employees, with varying shift patterns, Celayix workforce management software can make your life easier. See how below.

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Why Choose Us?

What Makes Celayix Special

By now, you’ve been through our numerous videos, dug into our Resources page for more details, and looked at our Success page to hear from our own customers. There’s a consistent pattern there that explains what makes us different.

  • Automated. That means easy and efficient.
  • Tailored. Your problems solved your way, with the best training and support.
  • Innovative. More features and capabilities than any other shift scheduling and time & attendance software.
  • Experienced. Over 20 years solving problems just like yours for people like you.
  • Affordable. For any budget, no surprises. We’re proud of our value, so we put it on this website.

We are the best in the business. Give us a chance to show you.

Celayix By The Numbers

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Years in Business

years in business
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Less Effort

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Product Users

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Try Celayix Workforce Management Software for Free!

Celayix can help you reduce your scheduling time by up to 95%, and also recover up to $350 per employee, per month. 

Try Celayix Ultimate Edition for 14 days for free! No risk, no charge.

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