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The Celayix Cost Benefit Analyzer

Everyone wants to sell you on the idea that they’re going to save you money. If you had a nickel for every time you heard that, you probably wouldn’t need to save money in the first place.

We’ve taken countless of hours of careful research, checked our facts, checked them again, and built a tool that automatically generates your business case for choosing Celayix. We’ve included helpful tooltips with back-links to our source data so you can check our facts for yourself.

You’ll be shocked at the cost of your scheduling problems. You’ll be even more shocked at how little it costs for Celayix to solve them for you.


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What Makes Us The Experts?


20 years of experience in automating scheduling and time & attendance.
Daman Toth
Covenant Security Solutions
{The support from Celayix has been fantastic - always there when I need them. We are well pleased with the product's performance, and their team are matter experts.      {
Andrew Dundas
Covenant Security Solutions
{Easy to use system with lots of flexibility. We started off with 30 guards and have grown to 100 over the last year and the flexibility was especially appreciated as we grew. Highly recommend Celayix.{
{I manage over thirty people in ten locations. Scheduling is very important to keep our locations open and serving the public. I produce monthly schedules and [Celayix] helps me put the schedule together and know we are covered at all locations. My staff appreciates knowing when they are working and keeping the schedule published a few weeks out. It is easy for them to use on [Celayix] to check schedules and request time off. I get good feedback from the staff which helps avoid problems with scheduling.{
{This software product has been a wonderful, cost effective program for my staffing company to capture employee time and attendance, generate billing for these hours worked, and compile several statistical reports needed for my industry. It is very user friendly and Celayix worked hard to develop my program to meet all my specific needs. If I have a question, their continued support is always quick, efficient, warm and friendly.{
Brooke Stephens
247 Security Inc
{The software and the support was amazing and easier than we thought it would be, the Celayix team worked with us on helping get what we needed done. The best part was that they helped us make what we already had work with their system. The process of not having to change everything we had already in place was a great relief. We knew that there would be things that we would have to do differently and the fact that our employees didn't have to be trained a lot to use the system saved us on expense. We would recommend using Celayix to anyone that wants to make things more efficient and accurate for what they already have or even if they want to start from scratch.{
Vickie Hadge
InSync Training
{We use this software to manage scheduling nearly 50 independent contractors in supporting our large client base with a number of different service types. We offer global support so we need to manage all time zones and their associated Daylight Savings Time changes so the integration with other calendars such as Outlook is a must! Our schedules are quite fluid and change often as our client's support needs change; we can schedule up to a year in advance or for the very next day! Our schedulers would be at loss without it! The functionality, search capabilities, filtering, and reporting are a must in our business! The Celayix help staff is incredibly supportive, responsive and are a joy to work with. We can't recommend this highly enough!{
{What more can I say about [Celayix]? It's the backbone of our business and allows us to schedule 10,000+ hour events in under 5 minutes. If you aren't using this software for scheduling you are doing your business a disservice. The Celayix customer support team is second to none and I've never had to wait in a long queue to speak to somebody. Great team, great product.{
{We use Celayix for all our extra shift booking for multiple properties in the city. The system is easy to use and the Customer Support team offers quick resolutions. I highly recommend them!{
Sunny Bass
Basra Security
{The solution Celayix put together has been critical in our staff coordination over the past few years. What I love most is that I can manage remote employees without running around after them and wasting time. My employees like that they can easily share their availability and I can assign shifts accordingly.{
Scheduling Manager
Las Vegas hotel with 6 locations (Name confidential)
{We have a consistent group of trained, prepared employees that are dedicated to the company, which is fantastic. They can add shifts when they want, so they’re happier, which will enhance customer service.{
{Everybody was amazing to work with; they helped us see how simple and powerful the system was. Once you understand how it works, there is nothing it can’t do.{
Shawn Scarleta
Smart Security Pros
{Celayix is intuitive and easy to setup. After the challenges we had with our previous solution, implementing Celayix has provided us with the confidence we need when using an automated scheduling tool and allows us to focus on growing our business.{
{With Celayix, we were able to save over 6 hours of scheduling time per week. The automation also freed up our staff to quickly select their shifts, rather than having to try to call in and speak with someone.{
{I am very pleased with Celayix! It has made a huge difference to our scheduling process, resulting in our schedules being completed in 5% of the time and no longer requiring admin staff to call out to employees.{
{Now, it takes me just one day to create schedules compared to nearly two weeks before. It’s like a dream.{
{Celayix has been able to help us significantly reduce the time we were spending on collecting and verifying our employee’s time and attendance information. Automation has reduced the potential for errors while also helping to remove our manual process.{
Director, Guest Relations
Memphis pro sports stadium with 500+ employees (Name confidential)
{Managing such a large group is hard, but the more you put into the system, the more it works for you. I would never ever go back to the old way.{
David Sutor
M3 Retail Solutions
{Payroll and billing are more accurate; we speed up cash flow and reduce busywork for internal staff. $22,000 in savings is more than half the cost of an employee. I can invest those savings in benefits to retain current employees.{
{Celayix has had a snowball effect. Clients are happier and getting better care, employees are happier, and administrators are happier. It’s brought a whole new level of consistency and control.{
Operations Manager
Genesis Security
{I can make a schedule in 2 minutes whereas beforehand we were looking at least a half an hour task for even just one schedule.{
{Now, with the help of the Visual Scheduler, posting a schedule only takes a couple of hours a week compared to no less than 10 hours a week previously.{
Lorette Farris
Commando Patrol and Detective Services
{Fifty percent of two individuals’ time has totally changed by implementing Celayix. Now they can spend time recruiting and growing the business….it saves us manpower and accuracy.{
Eric Conroy
Capitol Host
{We’ve grown from $6 to $10 million in revenue, and still have the same number of people in our staffing department. With Celayix, we can handle more capacity and have time to focus on other things besides scheduling.{
{Celayix is a valued business partner and we would recommend them to any organization that faces the challenge of scheduling a constantly changing workforce. The true value of the solution comes from having the ability to integrate employee scheduling, employee time and attendance, and payroll all in one system.{
{Turnaround time for receiving payments is much faster – several days or even a month – because we’re able to bill faster with Celayix.{
{Within a month’s time, we eliminated all scheduling errors due to oversights and now we have none at all. The Celayix system also immediately allowed us to eliminate unnecessary overtime costs and as a result, we lowered our overall payroll costs – an enormous help for us.{
David Leuschner
Gateway Church
{With Celayix, we went from 85 percent attendance to 99 percent.{
{We are a caregiver-centric business. A large part of that has been driven by the Celayix mobile app.{
Melissa Rosengren
Business Cleaning Solutions
{Most of our employees work at night. We love the Celayix alert system so we know immediately if someone hasn’t shown up for a shift.{
Christopher Motely
MoMA, New York
{Celayix has helped me save 30% of my time and allows me to get ahead by creating weekly schedules many weeks in advance using saved templates. In addition, the capability to make batch changes is easy and helps reduce errors.{
{Before Celayix we may not have realized that there wasn’t enough available staff to work a specific day of the week. Now any gaps in our staffing are glaring at us, so we can see that and hire appropriately.{
Captain Emery Gainey
Alachua County Sheriff
{Celayix allows us to know the right officers are scheduled for the right job at the right time with ease.{
{Celayix is a lot more user friendly than our previous application and it does a better job handling the complexity of our business.{
Rebecca Arnold
One Floral
{We use Celayix as a labor and cost management tool as well. Now, we can match employee punches to the staff schedule, so we’re getting proper accounting and cost tracking.{