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Automated Staff Scheduling and Time & Attendance
Software for Events & Venues

As you know, managing events and venues bring with them very unique scheduling and time & attendance problems. You may experience large unpredictable or seasonal demands. You may have changes that happen right up to and during event time where shifts and locations get reassigned.

Celayix solves all of your scheduling and time & attendance problems. Our Rostering billing option also enables you to be billed only for the staff you schedule each month.



Everything You Need to Succeed


AutoFill, Find Replacement, Self-Scheduling, Shift-Bidding, Shift Swapping, Shift Rotation, and more.

Time & Attendance

GPS and biometric check-in/out up to the second. Go completely paperless and 100% accurate.

Billing & Payroll

Electronic connection to any payroll and client billing systems for 100% accuracy and no double-entry.


Easy-to-use employee scheduling, time & attendance, and in-app communications for Android and iOS devices.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine-learning that learns your scheduling patterns and recommends continuous improvements.

Rules Engine

Schedules 100% compliant with skills, seniority, certifications, equipment, and contract requirements.


PDF and CSV-based reporting to help you with audit, reconciliation, internal and client reporting requirements.


Connect to Event and Venue Management Systems, Hiring/Onboarding, CRM, Payroll, and Billing systems.

Say No to Manual Staff Schedules

Automated Shift Scheduling

Celayix cuts the time required to create an event staff shift schedule by over 95% and can save you up to 13% of your total payroll value in unnecessary expenses.

You’ll be able to create an event schedule with any shift length, skill or certification requirements, seniority level, by individual or team, in any number of venues and locations within venues…in minutes.

As a result, you’ll avoid days of wasted scheduling effort, manage events of any size from 10 to 10,000 staff anywhere in the world.

Flexible Event Shift Schedules

Manage Sick Calls, No-Shows, and Last-Minute Event Changes

Absenteeism costs companies over $2,500 per full-time employee per year. Worse, it creates chaos in the middle of an event that you just don’t need.

With Celayix’ Find Replacement, AI Recommendations, and automatic scheduling and mobile app-based communications, you can automatically find available and qualified replacements that are the best fit for you with the click of a button. You can even re-allocate staff to different roles during an event.

Don’t let yourself get upset by unexpected changes. Celayix’ makes sure your shift replacements are fully qualified and available, and the Celayix AI Recommendations tell you who is the best fit for each shift.

Instant Event Staff Communications

Mobile Shift Scheduling App

Planning and executing events and managing venue staff needs more than an email notification for a shift. You need instant responses to sudden changes.

The Celayix mobile shift scheduling app transforms your staff, casuals, and volunteers into an instantly-mobile workforce on any supported version of Android or iOS.

Your event staff will get automatic shift reminders, instant notifications of shift assignments, and you will get instant shift confirmations. Event staff will enjoy flexible self-scheduling, shift-bidding, shift-swapping, pre-shift health checks, and automated safety checks for when they may be working by themselves. You’ll even get GPS-verified on-site check-in and check-out and reporting. It just doesn’t get better than this.

Eliminate Unprofitable Overtime

Control Staff Overtime

Overtime is tricky.

Sometimes overtime is good, especially when you can bill against a contract or client, or when it’s less expensive than scheduling another full shift. Other times it’s bad, such as when you accidentally schedule someone in a shift who triggers overtime at 1.5 times your expected rate.

With Celayix, you create your own rules about how event staff overtime is scheduled. Then, Celayix generates schedules for staff who won’t trigger overtime. If you change an assignment manually, you will get alerts if your shift assignment creates unprofitable overtime

Using Celayix means you won’t have to worry about costly scheduling mistakes. You can relax knowing that everything that can be done IS being done to keep your costs at a minimum.

Your Event Staff Scheduling Expert

Artificial Intelligence-Based Staff Scheduling

The Celayix scheduling rules engine makes sure all of your event staff schedules comply with your business and event & venue contract rules. These rules capture YOUR knowledge – your real-world intelligence about how your business operates.

Celayix AI adds to your expertise. We use world-class machine-learning technologies to look at your past staff shift schedules and recommend the best shift assignments.

The Celayix AI does all of the repetitive work that would cost you time you don’t have. Even better, the more schedules you create with Celayix, the better the AI becomes at making recommendations for you.

This scheduling expert works 24 x 7 and never needs a break or a vacation.

100% Compliant Event Staff Schedules

Staff Scheduling Rules Engine

Without a flexible rules engine, there is no automation and you can’t adapt to changes in your schedules quickly.

Many systems that do have “rules”, typically have a small number of pre-defined rules that are hard or impossible to change. As a result, you get stuck trying to fit into someone else’s idea of event staff scheduling.

With Celayix, you can create an unlimited number of shift scheduling rules that fit your policies, client and staff contracts, and business objectives, and things we haven’t even thought of yet. Then, Celayix uses those rules and generates your new schedules for you.

Eliminate Timesheet Fraud

100% Accurate Time & Attendance

Most employees don’t consider timesheet padding a big deal, because to them, it’s just a few minutes here and there. For your business, that number becomes large when the majority of your employees are shift-padding their shifts. Or when your staff are checking-in or checking-out from off site or having a co-worker check-in or check-out on the timesheet for them.

Event and venue staff time & attendance, timesheet or timecard fraud can cost you as much as 7% of your total payroll. An astounding 43% of staff admit to padding timesheets regularly.

Celayix gives you 100% accurate GPS-verified check-in and check-out, and optional AI-verified mobile facial recognition so you know the right staff member is in the right place at the right time. In case they aren’t, you’ll know, and your payroll will automatically bill only for time worked.

The End of Data Entry Errors

100% Accurate Payroll & Billing

Time & attendance and payroll errors can cost you as much as 8% of your payroll value.

Shockingly, 24% of staff will look for new work after the very first payroll error, and only 44% of those staff would reconsider looking for work after an error is fixed. Payroll errors create morale and reputation problems for your organization, and increase your turnover costs. If errors happen too often, it becomes harder to find people to staff your events. The word gets out, often on-line where it becomes nearly impossible to remove.

Celayix’ time & attendance software will send your event staff shift performance data to your preferred payroll, billing, and financial systems and make those problems disappear. You’ll have the reputation as the “reliable” and “trusted” organization to work with, and build your brand value which is so quickly lost today.

Best-of-Breed AND All-in-One

Event Schedule and Time & Attendance Integration

A long time ago, in what seems to be a galaxy far (far?) away, we used to need one vendor to supply our critical software systems in order for everything to work together. If we became unhappy later, we found that it was very expensive to change to something else.

Integration was costly if you wanted the right tool for each job.

That’s no longer the case.

Celayix connects its event staff shift-scheduling and time & attendance software in the cloud with your payroll, billing, accounting, HR, business analysis tools, and hundreds of other applications.

The Celayix Scheduling Ecosystem

We can give you an All-in-One system with Best-of-Breed functionality. Our integrated solutions and our technology partners will make sure that 100% of your event staff management requirements are met.

Scheduling Events & Venues for Over 20 Years

Terry Selaices

Director of Food & Beverage

The Sands Expo and Convention Center

I am very pleased with Celayix! It has made a huge difference to our scheduling process, resulting in our schedules being completed in 5% of the time and no longer requiring admin staff to call out to employees.

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