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Celayix staff scheduling and time & attendance software are tailored to fit a wide range of key business and non-profit market sectors. Our solution has pre-configured settings for nearly every type of organization that depends on shift scheduling and time & attendance.

If you don’t see your organization represented here, you can use our Contact page to send us a question and ask about your specific type of work. Every Celayix customer receives live instructor-led training and configuration before you start with us. This will make sure we tailor your system to fit.

Different icons representing different industries Celayix works with
Different icons representing different industries Celayix works with


Industry experts that we supply workforce management software to

For all Industries with Mission-Critical Scheduling

“The support from Celayix has been fantastic – always there when I need them. We are well pleased with the product’s performance and their team are subject matter experts.”

Daman Toth

Covenant Security Solutions

“We are a caregiver-centric business. A large part of that has been driven by the Celayix mobile app.”

Richard Koster

CEO, Four Seasons Healthcare

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