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Automate 95% of your shift-scheduling and time & attendance activities. Control caregiver shift assignments based on health status, skills, certifications, and other criteria. Recover up to $350 per caregiver per month in unnecessary costs, whether you schedule for 10 or 10,000 people. 

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Key features

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Instant Communication

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Find a Replacement

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Instant Communication

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Rules Engine

Celayix find a replacement feature

Find Replacement

Automated Caregiver Shift Scheduling

Celayix cuts the time required to create a caregiver shift schedule by over 95%. 

Create caregiver shift schedules automatically in minutes, cutting out whole days of wasted scheduling effort every month. The Celayix system knows the difference between a care aide, a Licensed Practical Nurse , a Registered Nurse, a therapist, and any type of care specialist. Celayix can even schedule caregiver teams, and confirm task completion for each visit. 

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Manage scheduling with finding replacements

Easily Manage Scheduling Chaos

Manage sick calls, no-shows and last-minute schedule changes with ease. With our Find Replacement feature, you can automatically find available and qualified replacements for home health caregiver shifts with the click of a button.

Manage scheduling with finding replacements

Communicate Instantly with Caregivers 

With the Celayix employee app, caregivers will get automatic shift reminders and instant notifications of shift assignments or changes. You will get instant shift confirmations, task completion verification, and GPS-based location verification. Caregivers will enjoy flexible self-scheduling, shift-bidding, shift-swapping, pre-shift health checks, and automated safety checks for when they may be working by themselves. 

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secure data storage within celayix software

Secure data collection and storage 

Collecting, managing, and utilizing data can be challenging for home healthcare companies. With sensitive patient information and data coming in from many sources it can be difficult to manage. With Celayix, you can manage your patients and employees from one platform and keep all attendance information securely in one place.

secure data storage within celayix software

Field Reporting and Shift Tasks 

Schedulers within the home healthcare industry can assign and monitor task completion through our employee app. Caregivers can also report any incidents or important information directly to headquarters. All caregivers must sign off on a patient before checking out of that shift/visit. 

shift tasks and field reporting for home healthcare providers
Electronic Visit Verification for caregiveers

Electronic Visit Verification Support 

Electronic Visit Verification is a system for confirming home healthcare visits to ensure patients are not forgotten and to reduce the number of visits that are not recorded properly. It is mandated by the 21st Century Cures Act that home healthcare companies have an EVV solution in place. 

Celayix software provides EVV so you can keep track of your employees. Nurses and other home healthcare workers can use EVV to update patient data while also tracking time worked.  

geofencing for caregivers

The End of All-In-One Compromises for Home Healthcare

We will give you the All-in-One system with Best-of-Breed functionality. Our integrated solutions make sure that 100% of your guard and patrol services requirements are met.

home healthcare integrations with Celayix

Scheduling Home Healthcare for Over 20 Years

We are a caregiver-centric business. A large part of that has been driven by the Celayix mobile app.

Richard Koster

CEO, Four Seasons Healthcare

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