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The Stay Factor: The Future of Workforce Retention in Part-Time and Gig Workers

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Most of the research and advice out there on employee retention focuses on traditional, salaried employees. However, in reality, the industries with the highest rates of employee turnover are those with part-time, hourly, or shift workers. This eBook breaks down the current start of workforce retention in those industries, and give employers everything they need to know in order to retain their workers.

Workforce Retention eBook Cover Art

Blog: Staff Management Tools & Strategies

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Making Celayix More Mobile-Friendly

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Celayix – Security Scheduling Software

Celayix – Security Scheduling Software

Security Shift Scheduling Software - Celayix

New Software: Tips & Tricks for Success

Change is hard. Change in the workplace is especially difficult to get used it, particularly if it involves ...
How AI Is Shaping The Future Of Workforce Management

How AI Is Shaping The Future Of Workforce Management

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Shift Planning like a Pro

Shift Planning like a Pro

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Celayix Labor Forecasting

Celayix Labor Forecasting

Scheduling the right amount of staff often involves an element of guesswork. Let the Celayix Labor Forecasting ...

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