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Feature Focus: Celayix Time & Attendance Software

Our time & attendance collection and monitoring solutions enable employees to clock-in/out via web, mobile, or hardware-based time collection device.

The collection of time & attendance is critical for any business. Ensuring proper payroll and billing can be complicated and error prone without the introduction of automation for employee payroll, customer billing, time off request and the actual collection of time. With Celayix, have tools at your fingertips to take the consuming process of time collection and automation to a whole new level.

See for yourself.

Our time & attendance collection and monitoring solutions enable employees to clock-in/out via web, mobile, or hardware-based time collection device.

The collection of time and attendance is critical for any business. Ensuring proper payroll and billing can be complicated and error prone without the introduction of automation for employee payroll, customer billing, time off request and the actual collection of time. With Celayix, have tools at your fingertips to take the consuming process of time collection and automation to a whole new level.

See for yourself.

Employee Time & Attendance… plus.

Check In/Out

Electronic check-in/out up to the second. Smartphones or on-site devices. Paperless and 100% accurate.


Reminders for upcoming shifts, open available shifts, and new shift assignments.

Mobile Schedule

Instant access to shift schedules. Employees know exactly when they’re scheduled to work.

GPS Geofencing

Accurate GPS-based check in/check out that protects employee privacy.

In App Chat

Communicate easily and instantly without having to hunt someone down and only get their voicemail.


Employees can view their electronic timesheet to see how much they’ve worked and at what rates.

Visual Console

Schedule Managers can monitor all check in activity flexibly via map or list views.


Employees can set their availability and employers avoid scheduling employees when they aren’t available.

Best Time & Attendance Software

Key Time & Attendance Features

With Celayix Time & Attendance, your organization can:

With Celayix you can use the method or combination that best suits your business. From Celayix Mobile to the Celayix Voice call-in system, the right time and attendance method is in reach.

Time Collection

Celayix Mobile Scheduling App

The employee is the Celayix Mobile Scheduling App. The Celayix Mobile App is available on the Apple Store and Google Play, and can be used on any Android or iOS device.

With Celayix Mobile, employees can:

  • Receive reminders of upcoming shifts
  • Receive notifications of assigned shifts
  • Receive notifications of new open shifts for Shift Bidding
  • Receive notifications of new open shifts for Self-Scheduling
  • Check-in/out of shifts with or without GPS-based Geofencing
  • Confirm acceptance of assigned shifts
  • Confirm shift readiness (health, PPE, equipment)
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for home health care
  • Receive or send communications with schedule manager
  • Drop shifts back into the availability pool
  • Manage online timesheets
  • Request time off
  • Record shift notes with images

The Celayix Mobile Scheduling App integrates with the Celayix Scheduler in the cloud, updating both the employee and the schedule manager immediately of scheduling-related events and communications.

100% Timesheet Accuracy

Time Collection

The collection of time is one of the most complex yet important parts of any business. Celayix helps you eliminate traditional paper timekeeping processes and simplifies the many tasks required to monitor and track employee time. The accurate collection of hours worked ensures that your employees are paid correctly, time theft is eliminated, and helps reduce your overall compliance risk dramatically.

Celayix offers a variety of time collection methods to fit your business. Allow employees to clock-in/out online, through a mobile app, call-in on a landline telephone, or use physical time collection devices to collect and relay shift data in real time. Allow managers to focus on growing the business all while staying up to date with attendance with our real time alert systems.

Take all collected time and seamlessly send the data to the payroll software or service of your choice.

Time Collection for Schedule Managers

Celayix Scheduler

Celayix Scheduler is a cloud-based schedule creation and management application used by managers. The time & attendance specific capabilities of Celayix Scheduler include:

  • Creating shifts of any lengths, times, locations or dates
  • Set rules for automated shift assignments
  • Set criteria for shift-readiness and require confirmation
  • Find Replacement of no-shows/absences
  • Monitor confirmed/unconfirmed shifts in real-time
  • AI Recommendations for scheduling “best fit” staff
  • Broadcast open shifts out for shift bidding or self-scheduling
  • Monitor visual map for late check-ins or no-shows
  • Receive, send, and respond to employee communications
  • Broadcast messages to one, more, or all employees
  • Support for hardware-based and biometric hardware time clocks
  • Support for voice-based check-in/out
  • Support for secure on-site device check in/out
  • Generate a variety of shift and variance reports

Celayix Scheduler contains over 20 years of experience providing time & attendance solutions. It is the most capable solution of its kind.

Mobile Time & Attendance

Employee Dashboard

The Celayix Mobile app provides a single home for employees to check and manage their shift assignments and communications with their shift schedule manager.

They can see all of their shift-related activities including upcoming shift notifications, their shift calendar, new shifts posted for shift bidding or self-scheduling, and of course, check-in / check-out of their shifts.

Mobile Time & Attendance

Employee Shift Schedule

Using our Mobile App, employees can see their shift schedule for any time period. They’ll know whether that shift is accepted, pending acceptance, includes overtime, what the locations and start and end times are.

Mobile Time & Attendance

Employee Availability

Employees can be given full control over their availability, and specify when and when they are not available.

The Celayix Rules Engine manages makes sure that when you use features like Auto Fill, Find Replacement, and our AI Recommendations will only show available employees.

Even if you manually assign a shift, you will be warned if the person is not available, and you can either replace them or over-ride their availability settings.

Mobile Time & Attendance

Employee Notifications


Our Mobile App enables employees to receive shift notifications for shift starts and shift ends in three different ways.

The default method communicates through our in-app notifications. However, for backup and for employees that may not have access to the mobile app, employees may enable notifications via SMS/text message and email.

Reminders can be set in hours or days to minimize the risk of missing a shift.

Desktop Time & Attendance

Broadcast Notifications

Celayix gives you full control over shift scheduling notifications.

You can choose to notify a single employee or any number of employees. You can choose to notify only those that match your business rules. It’s as easy to notify all of your team as much as it is to notify one.

You can notify about shift assignments, available self-scheduling shifts, open shift bids. You can request shift confirmations if you haven’t received them promptly. All of your notifications can be customized with any message you wish.

Mobile and Desktop Time & Attendance

Check-In / Check-Out

The Celayix Mobile App enables employees to check in and check out of a shift using their mobile Android or iOS phones.

Check ins and check outs can be GPS-enabled using our Geofence feature, with a custom radius set. Employees can be allowed or disallowed from checking in or out from within the Geofence.

Employees are not tracked using Celayix’ GPS and Geofence feature. The Geofence is checked only when the employee initiates a check-in or check-out, so that employee privacy can be assured.

Check-in and check-out is also supported by hardware time-clock devices and devices such as tablets, laptops, or desktop computers with specific IP addresses assigned to prevent fraudulent clock punching. 

Desktop Time & Attendance

Visual Management Console

Celayix provides a map-based visual display for monitoring shift check-ins and check-outs throughout your day. Managers can also view the map through a detailed list view if they prefer. 

Pins can be shown on the map for open shifts, upcoming shifts, successful check-ins and check-outs, late check-ins, and other common events.

The map can be filtered by employee, customers, sites, and even services provided. Larger organizations can more easily control large workforces, or distribute monitoring across multiple managers, regions, and support global deployments.

Mobile Time & Attendance

Electronic Timesheets

Celayix’ Mobile App allows employees to track their time worked at a glance.

Employees can see their regular hours, statutory hours, overtime, Department of Transport hours, training hours, and any other types of hours worked, and totals.

When the Celayix system is connected to payroll and billing, you get automated error-free time sheets where the employees get paid accurately for the time they work, and you don’t worry about overpayments and timesheet padding.

Desktop and Mobile Time & Attendance

In-App Chat

Celayix provides an in-app chat function so that schedule managers can communicate instantly with any employee. You can select from a list of employees or select a shift assignment and connect with the employee on-shift easily.

Messages from multiple employees are all retained conveniently and eliminate the need to grab your phone and hunt someone down. Messages are retained in the system records so that you can keep track of online conversations.

Mobile Time & Attendance

Time Off Requests

Employees can either block off time using our Availability Settings, or if Time Off Requests are part of the organization’s process, they can request time off from the Celayix Mobile App.

Employees can specify start time, end time, reason for request, all or only part of a day. They can also request a debit against their banked time, and provide any additional notes or information to help their manager approve their request faster.

The End of All-In-One Compromises

We will give you the All-in-One system with Best-of-Breed functionality. Our integrated solutions make sure that 100% of your time & attendance requirements are met.

Celayix best of breed ecosystem diagram
Celayix best of breed ecosystem diagram for mobile

Automated Time & Attendance for Over 20 Years

Anthony Ramirez

Lincoln Security Services, LLC

What more can I say about Celayix? It’s the backbone of our business and allows us to schedule 10,000+ hour events in under 5 minutes. If you aren’t using this software for your scheduling you are doing your business a disservice. The Celayix customer support team is second to none and I’ve never had to wait in a long queue to speak to somebody. Great team, great product.

Claudia Novak

Perioperative nurses Inc.

This software product has been a wonderful, cost effective program for my staffing company to capture employee time and attendance, generate billing for these hours worked, and compile several statistical reports needed for my industry. It is very user friendly and Celayix worked hard to develop my program to meet all my specific needs. If I have a question, their continued support is always quick, efficient, warm and friendly.

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