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The collection of time and attendance is critical for any business. Ensuring proper payroll and billing can be complicated and error prone without the introduction of automation for employee payroll, customer billing, time off request and the actual collection of time. With Celayix, have tools at your fingertips to take the consuming process of time collection and automation to a whole new level.

Clock-in/out in Team Xpress

Time Collection

The collection of time is one of the most complex yet important parts of any business. Celayix helps you eliminate traditional paper timekeeping processes and simplifies the many tasks required to monitor and track employee time. The accurate collection of hours worked ensures that your employees are paid correctly, time theft is eliminated, and helps reduce your overall compliance risk dramatically. Celayix offers a variety of time collection methods to fit your business. Allow employees to clock-in/out online, through a mobile app, call-in on a landline telephone, or use physical time collection devices to collect and relay shift data in real time. Allow managers to focus on growing the business all while staying up to date with attendance with our real time alert systems. Take all collected time and seamlessly export the data into the payroll vendor of your choice.

With Celayix your organization can:

  • Monitor employee activity, such as early or late clock-in/out, as well as missed shifts, and allow safety checks to be performed
  • Get notified of missed check-ins, late check-ins and no shows no the go
  • Confirm employees location with geo fencing (GPS location monitoring)
  • Automatically match employee time scheduled to employee time worked
  • Pay correct employee overtime, vacation, and statutory holiday wages in accordance with labor laws
  • Maintain multiple pay rates, dual rate job classifications, service or skill levels and times or days worked
  • Eliminate discrepancies, payroll errors, and time theft
  • Proactively manage your business by generating and analyzing a myriad of labor reports, understand when and where labor dollars are spent, and make changes accordingly
  • Save administrative time by exporting payroll and/or billing data to other business software

No two business are the same and as a result no one method of time collection will work for all businesses. With Celayix find the method or combination that best suits your business. From mobile application to a call-in system, the right time and attendance method is in reach.

The different time collection methods available include:

  • Team Xpress , Employee App
    • Clock Actions with Geo-fencing
    • Onsite Communications between Staff
    • Online Time Sheets
  • Time Xpress, Supervisor Time & Attendance Management Tool
    • Fast Check in
    • Find Replacement
    • In App Communications
  • Time Off Requests
  • Voice Xpress
  • Physical Time Clocks, including Biometric, Facial Recognition and more

Team Xpress – Employee Mobile App with Geo fencing Check-in and Out

Team Xpress is the Celayix employee application available through the browser and on iOS or Android devices (phones and tablets). Use Team Xpress to not only have schedules and availability available to staff 24/7, but to have staff clock in and out and collect that information in real time.  Set geo fences around specific clock-in locations to ensure actions are performed on site giving supervisors the highest form of validation. Team Xpress is available in three languages depending on staff preference including English, French and Spanish.  Other powerful time collection features include online time sheets and time card submissions. For more information on Team Xpress, visit the Team Xpress Product Tour.

Time Xpress – Supervisor App for Time Collection and On the Go Management

For many businesses operating day to day functions from a desktop may not be an option. For those times, Celayix has Time Xpress, our Supervisor Portal available for both desktop and through mobile applications for on the go operators. Time Xpress simplifies time and attendance operations for supervisors by allowing them to perform important functions including onsite fast check in of staff for events, quick replacement tools, perform shift changes including additions and time changes, manually adjust clock-in and out times, keep an eye on the status of all sites, and much more. Using Time Xpress supervisors can manage a business and any changes 24/7, 365 from the comfort of the device of their choice. For more information on Time Xpress and how it can fit into your business visit the Time Xpress Product Tour.

Time-Off Requests

Keeping track of employee time-off requests can be a time-consuming exercise. Celayix can help save you time and reduce errors made by automating the process of time collection and reconciliation. Using Team Xpress, supervisors can view, approve or reject submitted requests. Within the app, employees can submit and view the status of their time-off requests, total time taken off and perform more actions.

The information is collected and displayed within the scheduling process preventing staff with approved time-off from being scheduled in error. In the case where someone calls in sick and a replacement is needed, the availability tool will also take into account time-off requests through both scheduler tools, Schedule Xpress and Time Xpress.

With Celayix your organization can:

  • Enable employees to request vacation, sick or any other time-off type (Partial or full days)
  • Allow employees to include comments for the reason for the request
  • Have schedulers see the time-off information in the schedule view
  • Ensure accurate record keeping to stay in compliance with labor rules

Voice Xpress – Call-in System 

Depending on your business needs and the nature of the work being performed, smart phones or online scheduling may not always be the most viable option. For those situations, Celayix has Voice Xpress, a system where staff can either call on personal devices or installed onsite landline phone for clock-in/out site. Restrict phone numbers to specific phone numbers to avoid off site clock-ins. Employees simply call the provided number and perform their time collection actions. Voice Xpress can work in conjunction with any or all of the other options providing the same real time information directly to supervisors system works well where you have a limited number of sites and the sites do not have reliable access to wireless services.

Physical Time Clocks

For businesses that require physical time clocks, Celayix has a myriad of affordable clocks to meet your business needs. For everything from badge terminal and biometric readers, physical clocks are ideal for stationary workforces who clock-in/out from fixed locations. These devices can be installed and integrated with Celayix employee scheduling and employee time and attendance software solutions.

S900 Series

Flexible Time Collection Terminals

The S900 series provides fast identification speed, with the option of advanced access control capabilities.


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US10C Series

Affordable Time Collection Terminals

A great entry-level model for a smaller staff. Expandable capacity grows with your business!


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Flexible Facial Recognition Terminal

The iFace800 can hold up to 1,200 face and 2,000 finger templates. It enables companies to manage more employees with fewer terminals. This clock fulfills your need of managing time & attendance and access control conveniently and offers a great variety of choices, such as the use of RFID cards.


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Portable Time Collection Terminal for Rugged Environments

The model S922 is a great choice for rough environments. This clock is protected by a rubberized sleeve to withstand shocks and rough and tough use.


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