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Manage your guards with ease & efficiency & keep client sites safe.

Having worked with security companies for over 20 years, we have all the features and functionality you need for effective workforce management with Celayix Scheduler, Time & Attendance, and the Employee App.

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Key features


Monitor guard activity

Monitor Guard Activity

Celayix find a replacement feature

Find a Replacement


Monitor Guard Activity

Celayix find a replacement feature

Find Replacement

Ensure Guards are at the Right Place, at the Right Time

Tired no security officer no-shows? With our geofencing tool, you ensure guards are checking in and out of their shift at a specified location, on time. Geofencing is a virtual perimeter around a geographical area. Simply set up a geofence around the worksite and employees can’t check in unless they are within the geofence.

This gives you and your client peace of mind. No matter where you are working you can check where all your guards are from your phone or computer.

Geofencing feature showing clock in and worksite perimeter
monitor guard activity

Monitor Guard Activity & Keeps Guards Safe

Assign tasks to your security workers to ensure they’re focused on the job. As well as seeing guard location, you can track which tasks they’ve completed. 

Request “safety checks” from your guards as often as you’d like to verify they are safe and still on site, using our GPS geofencing technology. 

monitor guard activity

Find a Replacement Instantly

If a guard calls in sick last minute or is a no-show our system alerts you instantly. Our Find a Replacement feature finds you another equally qualified, available guard in one click. Your employee gets notified instantly for immediate shift coverage.

We know how important the status of availability is in the security industry. Many guards are part-time workers that have ever-changing availabilities. With our software, supervisors can rest easy by having easy access to their guard’s availabilities at the touch of a button.

Find replacement
no overtime

Say Goodbye to Non-Billable Overtime

We know better than anyone how hard it is to manage schedules and stay within the contracted, billable hours. With Celayix, you can set rules that prevent guards from going into overtime while you create your schedule.

We’ve saved clients up to $100,000 per year by helping them eliminate overtime! 

no overtime

Keep Guards Happy & Reduce Turnover

The high employee turnover rate in the security industry is legendary. With average turnover rates of 200% or more at many client sites. We offer features like self-scheduling and shift-bidding that gives your teams autonomy over their schedule. This is proven to reduce turnover rates and improve overall morale.

Reduce security guard turnover
time tracking in employee scheduling software

100% Accurate Time Tracking & Payroll

Timesheet fraud can cost you as much as 7% of your total payroll, and 43% of workers admit to padding their timesheets. That’s a lot of money. 

Celayix tracks hours worked and automatically matches with attendance reports to calculate payroll which ensures 100% accuracy and removes human error. Give your clients peace of mind and only pay for actual time worked on site. 

time tracking in employee scheduling software

Maximise Profits & Improve Reputation

With Celayix, comes improved time tracking and attendance monitoring which means better accountability. Our clients have grown from strength to strength, and have scaled their operations with ease, as well as generated more demand from clients. Due to our integration capabilities, we provide an effortless way to track profit margins. Supervisors can track profit margins in a variety of ways, including by customer, site, and number of guards. Let us help you grow your business.

grow your security guard business

The End of All-In-One Compromises for Security Services

We will give you the All-in-One system with Best-of-Breed functionality. Our integrated solutions make sure that 100% of your guard and patrol services requirements are met.

security industry eco system and integrations with Celayix

Helping Security Companies for Over 20 Years

“The support from Celayix has been fantastic – always there when I need them. We are well pleased with the product’s performance and their team are subject matter experts.”

Daman Toth

Covenant Security Solutions

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