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* All plans start with minimum of only 10 users. Simple monthly payments with an annual contract. Prices in US dollars.


Move up from scheduling with spreadsheets.


per active employee per mo.
+ $15 per admin per month
+ $595 one-time onboarding

  Basic Scheduling

  Business Hours Email Support


Full scheduling and time & attendance.


per active employee per mo.
+ $15 per admin per month
+ $995 one-time onboarding

  Everything in Basic, plus:

  Advanced Scheduling

  Mobile Time & Attendance

✓  Payroll & Billing

✓  CSV Data Export

✓  Business Hours Phone Support


Artificial Intelligence, Integration and more.


per active employee per mo.
+ $15 per admin per mo.
+ $1495 one-time onboarding

  Everything in Pro, plus:

  AI-Based Machine Learning

  GPS-validated check-in/out

✓  Integration With 80+ Apps

  24 x 7 Email Support

Explore all features

Explore all features

  • Basic

    The Celayix Basic Edition is designed as a first step from spreadsheet- and paper-based shift-scheduling with a basic level of automation. No advanced automation, mobile employee scheduling, integration, or time & attendance is included.


  • Pro

    The Celayix Pro Edition is designed to provide scheduling automation, mobile, and basic time & attendance capabilities. It does not include artificial intelligence, integration, and advanced time & attendance capabilities.


  • Ultimate

    The Celayix Ultimate Edition includes the Celayix Artificial Intelligence recommendation engine, along with all advanced time & attendance and our complete integration capabilities and 24/7 access to our Customer Care support team.


Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee
  • Money Back Guarantee

    Covers 100% of your licensing, training, and onboarding fees paid. Qualification required.

  • Free Trial

    Fully functional 14-day free trial. Includes instructor-led training, sample data, and full telephone and email support.

Employee Scheduling
  • AI-Based Scheduling

    AI based scheduling ensures best-fit candidates are scheduled into your shifts based on past scheduling behaviours and available & qualified staff

  • Auto-Fill Scheduling

    Automatically fill schedules in seconds based on your unique business rules that include availability, certifications, skills, or any other criteria you use to create your schedules.

  • Self Scheduling

    Optionally have staff receive and self-select into shifts which they are qualified for on a first-come, first-serve basis. All rules are considered and only qualified staff will see shifts.

  • Shift Bidding

    Qualified (only!) staff may sign up for shifts until a deadline is reached, at which point a schedule manager will select from those responses their preferences for assignment.

  • Find Replacement

    Automatically finds your available and qualified replacements for sick-calls, shift swaps, no-shows, and any last-minute schedule changes.

  • Shift Rotation

    Create any number of employee lists or groups, and auto-schedule your shifts by rotating through each list.

  • Visual Shift Status

    Immediately see the shift status with icons and color-coding to identify which shifts are unfilled, confirmed, checked-in, missing check-in, and more

  • Shift Distribution

    Automatically send mobile app and email notifications for new or changed shifts to all eligible or affected staff. Send messages to all staff or subset of staff quickly and easily.

  • Rules Engine

    Define an unlimited number of your own  rules based on your policies, client contracts, employee contracts, regulatory requirements and more, used to generate 100% compliant schedules.

  • Overtime Warnings

    Get immediate warnings of potential overtime situations to completely eliminate avoidable overtime.

  • Certification Rules

    Ensure only qualified personnel are scheduled on the skills, credentials, and certifications you specify. Set start and expiry dates to ensure information is current.

  • Multi-Site Scheduling

    Create and assign schedules across multiple locations.

  • Schedule Templates

    Customize templates and shift types for your business, geographies, client or contract requirements, and recall instantly to generate new schedules based on an unlimited number of templates.

Mobile Employee Communications
  • Mobile App

    Mobile app for Android and iOS devices that connects to the schedule platform in the Celayix cloud to enable instant communications between employees and schedule managers. Enables employees to manage their shift-related activities such as shift notifications, acceptance, confirmations, pre-shift preparedness, time-off requests, sick-calls, shift notes, and more.

  • Broadcast Schedules

    Send new schedules, shifts, changes, and messages to all or any number of qualified, affected, or group of employees

  • In-App Messaging

    Employees and schedulers can message each other within the Mobile App for rapid response communications.

  • Shift Notifications

    Staff are automatically reminded of upcoming shifts

  • Shift Affirmation

    Require employees to confirm their compliance with customizable shift readiness rules including health status, PPE, equipment, and other requirements.

  • Shift Confirmation

    Require employees to confirm acceptance of shifts and see which shifts are not confirmed for reminders or rapid replacement.

  • Shift Availability

    Enable employees to specify their availability and request time off so that they are not scheduled or recommended by Find Replacement or Celayix AI when they are not available.

  • Shift Approval

    Require administrator approval before approving shift requests or open shift bids from employees.

  • Shift Swapping

    Staff can drop shifts can be released back to be directly assigned, shift-bidded, or self-scheduled with 100% compliance to business rules and AI recommendations.

  • Shift Notes

    Enable employees to create and save notes that include photos and audio applied to their shift for record-keeping or management purposes.

  • SMS Message Plan

    The SMS provides replacement communications for in-app messaging via WiFi or user data plans where WiFi or use of the user mobile data plan is not possible or permitted.

Time & Attendance
  • Geofencing

    GPS-verified check-in and check-out with a customizable radius to ensure accurate payroll and shift reporting.

  • Hardware Clocks

    Support for third-party physical and biometric check in/out clocks where mobile app check-in/out is not suitable.

  • Facial Recognition

    Visual check-in/check-out using advanced Artificial Intelligence facial recognition to prevent check-in/check-out fraud.

  • Phone Check-In

    Enable employees to check in/out using voice phone with automated, interactive voice menus when no mobile or wireless service is available.

  • Secure Device Check

    Specify authorized IP address of devices such as tablets, VOIP phones or computers for app-based check-in and check-out from a known secure device.

  • Auto Time Capture

    Actual time worked on shift versus planned is captured and recorded automatically for reporting or integration with payroll and HR systems. Configurable rounding allows you to set a forgiveness allowance.

  • Online Timesheets

    Paperless versions of your existing timesheets for recording time worked.

  • Time Off Accruals

    Keep track of vacation, time off, and Family/Maternity (FMLA compliant) leave earned.

  • Break Tracking

    Track and report breaks taken by staff during shifts.

Payroll & Billing
  • Payroll and Billing

    Configurable export of payroll and client billing records to your billing and payroll systems eliminates double-entry, data entry errors, and hours of administrative work.

  • Multiple Pay Rates

    Specify different rates and shift premiums for different roles, shifts, clients, sites, and more.

  • Billables Tracking

    Keep track of and manage billable and non-billable time for budgeting and client billing needs.

  • Visual Incident Map

    A visual, geographical map that shows all your locations, shifts, and check-in/check-out status with real time actions. Combined with our alerts, stay aware of all sites 24/7.

  • Reporting

    Common pre-defined reports including Illness/Absence, Check In/Out, Payroll, Billing, and more.

  • Direct Integration

    Over 80 API-based direct integrations and support for Zapier-based code-free or low-code middleware integrations. Support for real-time and near real-time data connections.

  • Zapier™ Integration

    Integration to the popular Zapier small-business integration-as-a-service (IaaS) platform. Opens up integration to thousands of popular software applications including financials/accounting, human resources management, and much more.

  • Data Export

    Send information to any application that supports data import via CSV, or to Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or other analytics tools you use in your business.

Training & Support
  • Training & Onboarding

    Personalized, instructor-led training and initial setup & configuration help led by our Customer Success experts tailored especially for your team via video-conference.

  • Language Support

    Add additional support for languages such as French and Spanish. Agregar soporte para español. Ajouter la prise en charge du français.

  • Business Hours Email

    Email us any questions between 7:00am and 5:00pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday except statutory holidays.

  • Business Hours Phone

    Call us toll-free between 7:00am and 5:00pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, except statutory holidays and get a live person who knows their stuff.

  • In-App Tooltips & Guide

    Be guided on how to use Celayix from within the application without reading through endless pages of documentation.

  • 24/7 Email Support

    Get in touch via email out of normal business hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

  • Customization

    In the rare instance we don't already have what you need, we can design custom functionality specific to your business needs. Our Customer Success team can assess your needs and provide an affordable solution!




Celayix Add-Ons

Add-on packages available for Ultimate Edition only.

  • SMS Messaging

    SMS Messaging is an option in the rare situation where an employee’s own data plan or WiFi access may not be available or permitted for use to connect with the mobile scheduling app’s In App Messaging. This covers the cost of adding a Celayix-managed data connection to your employee’s mobile devices.

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per employee per month
  • Facial Recognition

    Artificial Intelligence-based Facial Recognition technology in our mobile app is used to verify the identity of an employee who is checking in or checking out of their shift. Together with Celayix’ accurate GPS location verification, you can eliminate buddy-punching and other forms of timesheet fraud.


per employee per mo.

  • Customization

    The Celayix scheduling and time & attendance platform is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit your unique needs. Please contact us with your ideas – it may be that we’ve already got what you’re looking for!

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per employee per month

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