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Vista Security Group Completes Workforce Management Process With the Integration of Scheduling and Time & Attendance Software

This case study considers how Vista Security Group completed their workforce management process with our automated time & attendance information for accurate reporting and eliminate scheduling errors using Celayix shift-scheduling and time & attendance software.


Vista Security Group (VSG) is a security guard company based in Amherst, New York. VSG was founded on July 1st, 2021 with a merger of two of the area’s long-time, elite security companies, Buffalo Protection & Investigation (founded 2002) and Amherst Security Professionals (founded 2007). VSG provides high-quality, reliable, and both mission and cost-effective security services to clients throughout the Buffalo and Rochester areas. 

Location: New York, USA 

Industry: Security  

Company Size: 750+ employees  


Vista Security Group had previously used a system which only facilitated the online check-in of its employees. When it came to scheduling employees, they used a whiteboard to map out their employees’ shifts for the given week. This proved difficult to manage as only the operations team would be regularly checking the schedules meaning when new shifts became available throughout the week, it was difficult to manage what guards were available.  

When their new Executive Vice President came in August 2022, she and ownership wanted to improve the pre-existing workforce management process. With an HR, billing and payroll system already in place, they set out to find a system that would: 

  • Accurately check in and check out their employees 
  • Efficiently create schedules for all their security guards  
  • Generate time and attendance reports 
  • Be an easy setup and configuration and suit their specific business needs 


They saw Celayix as the ideal choice to solve their scheduling and time & attendance needs. Our user-friendly scheduling software has enabled them to easily manage their police officer and unarmed employees’ schedules, significantly reducing the time taken to schedule them while not letting any errors slip through the cracks. 

“We love the scheduling aspect of it; our primary goal was to have everything in the system at our fingertips that we could always refer to. Celayix really met that objective.”

Executive Vice President, Andi Chella  

Due to the high amount of hours that need to be scheduled on a regular basis for all their security guards and police officers, Vista Security needed to be able to schedule, track and record their employees’ hours and shifts easily. This will allow them to avoid the occurrence of errors such as employees not showing up to their correct shift, communication breakdown between management and staff and lack of insight into employee pay, overtime and time off.  


Police scheduling software

Scheduling With Confidence 

Due to Vista Security Groups’ large workforce and various sites, they schedule employees on a month-to-month basis to avoid any errors and be sure that they have chosen the right guards for the right shifts. With the help of our ‘suggest employee’ and rules engine feature, Vista Security Group are confident in its scheduling process and is “excited for how the AI aspect of Celayix will benefit the employee selection in the future”.  

100% Accurate Attendance  

Our employee app has allowed them to accurately track their employees when it comes to their check-in/ check-out and guard location. Our geofencing feature facilitates their staff to only clock in and out in a specific geographic area, eliminating the occurrence of time fraud.  

Easy Report Generation 

Vista Security Group is now able to generate multiple reports on a regular basis with Celayix. With all their data stored within their Celayix account, they don’t need to stress over using Excel or different platforms to manually create reports for both their employees and clients.  

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