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Improving Guard Safety In The Security Industry

The nature of security work always entails some sort of risk. As a business owner, ensuring employee safety is a top priority to minimize potential injuries and lawsuits. Learn how you can minimize employee safety risks with the right workforce management software.

Do you work in the security industry? Do you ever worry about your guard safety while they are out working in the field? There are so many unsettling questions concerning your frontline workers, and, ironically, their safety issues often remain unspoken. Over the years, we’ve seen an increasing need for safety for security guards due to the risks involved in their work. This also comes at a time where security guards are growing in numbers over police in the United States.

By 2021, there were about 2 police officers but 3.1 security guards for every 1,000 civilians.

security guard safety

The majority of the security industry consists of security guards, which are an essential business resource for your company. The nature of their work will always entail some risk. Subsequently, businesses must have the right employee safety plan in place to reduce the chances of injuries and potential lawsuits. Before learning how you can minimize employee safety risks, let’s examine the safety risks involved in the Security Industry.

Safety Risks in the Security Industry

“Who’s protecting the protectors?” 

Workplace hazards and risks associated with safety exponentially increase during the night. Crimes such as theft, vandalism, and violence become more likely when there is less crowd and activity in public areas. Security guards working in isolation, are often the victims of such crimes. While most security guards are trained for self-defense, remaining vigilant at all times during the shift is not always possible.

More often than not, the physical and psychological workload increases when working alone, or working inflexible work schedules. Stress and burnout are more likely to occur when an employee is exposed to such an environment. Unfortunately, weapons for self-defense may not suffice as proper tools or resources to tackle this issue. Consequently, there is a greater responsibility for the employers in the security industry to provide measures and benefits that lower the burden on the security guards.

guard safety with drunken violence

For instance, employers often require security guards at sites where alcohol consumption is typical. Risks pertaining to alcohol consumption include fights, abuse, or violence of any sort. In recent years, scientists have studied the links between alcohol, drugs, and criminal activities. Evidence indicates that long-term or excessive alcohol consumption can significantly heighten the likelihood of perpetrating violent crimes. As a result, security guards are liable to maintain discipline and control over their surroundings so that no third party is harmed, making themselves prone to danger. Without the employer physically looking out for you, there needs to be another way to control such a threat. Sadly, with security guards acting as the last line of defense, there is no one to protect the protectors.

Keeping Your Security Guards Safe

As a result of the increasing demand for the protection of security guards and other frontline workers, the federal government has asked for additional hazard checks during project risk assessments for new sites. The purpose of these Risk assessments of each new site is to provide security guards with additional knowledge of the safety of their worksite; give employers the chance to assign the right amount of security at any place.

“It takes leadership to improve safety”

– Jackie Stewart

Here at Celayix, we provide employee scheduling software that does more than just schedule your employees. One of our most accessible tools is our Geofencing feature that helps mitigate risk for your business.

If you have read our blog on Geofencing, you might have an idea of its purpose and ability to manage your workforce. Through Geofencing, we provide employers with an additional way of carrying safety checks with the help of our Mobile app.

Some of the features available in the Celayix Mobile app are:

geofencing on celayix mobile
  • Geofenced check-in/check-out: This feature allows Security Guards to clock in and clock out directly from their smartphones ensuring precise time capture. Additionally, employers could capture meal breaks, safety checks and coverage verification through the app. The guards can verify whether they have reached the site safe and sound and complete their shift safely through this feature. If there are any issues, the employer or the manager is updated automatically. 
  • Geofence perimeter– This feature helps in location tracking of each employee once the employee checks in. With an inbuilt GPS in the app, you can even implement periodic mandatory checkpoints at specific geographic locations. Guards can clock into shifts to guarantee they make it to the particular site safe and sound. This will ensure they are active and secure without having to interrupt their everyday processes. 

The Geofencing feature, alongside the automated scheduling software, works collaboratively. Consequently, managers can assign shifts to security guards based on the security guards’ familiarity with the site with automated scheduling. With more familiarity, the risks associated with working in the Security Industry decrease as employees become more comfortable in completing their shifts. In fact, Celayix AI will learn to recognize which guards have worked at which sites and will remind you of this whenever offering schedule improvements.

More than just Guard Safety

Overall, guard safety is a huge concern. Workforce management requires tools and software such as geofencing and automation to help manage the problems mentioned above. Not only can staff scheduling software help you create a safer work environment, but you can also improve your efficiency, reduce overtime, keep you compliant, and at the end of the day, boost your security company’s bottom line.

no overtime

Celayix Software is the industry leader in providing security companies best of breed staff scheduling solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we understand the complications associated with ensuring your guards are at the right place, at the right time. We are trusted and recommended by companies such as Genesis Security Group, SecureNet, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, and many others. 

“Carefulness costs you nothing. Carelessness may cost you your life”

If you’re interested in using Celayix to manage your workforce and improve guard safety, check out a free live demo here!

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