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Growth at Genesis Security

A case study featuring Genesis Security and how they use Celayix shift-scheduling and time & attendance software to create schedules in minutes and grow their business.


Genesis Security Group

Genesis Security is a leading pioneer in BC’s security industry, serving both public and private clients for over two decades. Focusing on staff and client training, they protect clients and the community from loss, liability, and malicious or unexpected situations.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Industry: Security

Company Size: 500-1000 employees


For Genesis Security, creating schedules and tracking employee time and attendance was a tedious, time-consuming nightmare. Using Excel, creating a single schedule took at least 30 minutes. It took even more time communicating the schedule and any changes to employees. The manual process became too laborious for their 500 guard workforce and highlighted the need for a more effective scheduling solution.


Genesis Security needed a solution that allowed them to create schedules easily and keep track of employee time and attendance. Celayix scheduling software was the perfect solution. Using features like Autofill, Genesis Security could quickly create shifts and fill them with qualified employees. The team could also easily clock in/out and submit timesheets, which would automatically be matched to the schedule. Genesis Security’s scheduling process became highly efficient, thus eliminating manual effort and any associated errors.

“I can make a schedule in 2 minutes whereas beforehand we were looking at least a half an hour task for even just one schedule.”



Faster, Automated Scheduling

By using Celayix for scheduling, Genesis Security cut down the time it took to create a schedule from 30 minutes to 2 minutes. Automation allowed managers to create error-free schedules, faster than ever before. With the elimination of manual errors, they were able to serve their clients more effectively.

Growth & Scaling with Ease

With the time saved from scheduling, the company was also able to focus on human resources and improving operations. Their company grew from a workforce of 500 to 1400 employees, scaling their processes with ease.

Better workforce management and planning

Using a system with scheduling, time, and attendance features saved Genesis Security a lot of time and also helped them improve their HR operations. All shift details including client requirements and employee qualifications & availability were tracked by the system. The data was also available for analysis and reporting, further improving their workforce management and planning processes.

“The fact that we can store employee information, shift information, notes of how many times people were late are huge benefits from an HR and organizational point of view.”

Improved communication, employee morale, and attendance

Employees could now easily access their schedules anytime, on their phones or on the web. Automating communication processes saved a significant amount of time for the company. Any changes to shifts were also automatically communicated to employees through the system. Reducing the hassle for employees to call in to check schedules improved employee morale. In addition, with improved processes for checking in and out of shifts, there was a reduction in lateness and employee no-shows.

Seamless integration with payroll and billing systems

Software integration was important to Genesis Security as they use multiple systems from payroll, to HR software, to client billing. Celayix also integrates with a large number of third-party platforms, making the integration process seamless for Genesis.

“[Celayix] communicated directly with the IT department and getting the client involved only when necessary”.

Overall, integrating Celayix with the other systems already in use eliminated manual processes of transferring data between platforms. Time data that is captured upon clock in/out is fed directly into their HR system, eliminating the opportunity for manual errors in payroll. In terms of billing, Genesis Security could easily match employee hours to the schedule, and bill clients appropriately.

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