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Employee Self-Service. Download a copy to share with others.

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Team Member Collaboration and Self-Service System

Celayix Mobile is an easy-to-use schedule management tool for your team members, providing
real-time, 24/7/365 access to their schedules. Powerful capabilities include shift confirmation, shift bidding, self-scheduling notifications, alerts of upcoming shifts, supervisor messages, and more. With easy download from the Google Play and Apple app stores, schedule access has never been easier.

Celayix Mobile App

Key Benefits of Celayix Scheduling

  • Automatically collect availabilty and time-off requests, reducing scheduling and communication time
  • 24/7/365 team access to schedules, changes, and other shift details
  • Ensure team members are on site using geofencing
  • Precise time capture for accurate billing, payroll, and compliance
  • Communicate securely in real-time through in-app messaging


  • schedules and notifications for Celayix MobileSchedules & Notifications

    Team members can view and confirm upcoming shifts as well as acknowledge shift changes
  • Celayix mobile manage availabilityAvailability

    Team members can submit and communicate their availability to supervisors in real-time, ensuring team members only get scheduled when they are available
  • Celayix messaging and communicationMessaging

    Real-time communication with supervisors and other team members
  • celayix self schedulingSelf-Scheduling & Shift Bidding

    Publish open shifts for team members to view, bid on, and self-schedule, based on Celayix’s powerful rules engine, ensuring business rules are followed
  • Manage time off requestsTime Off Requests

    Team members can view accruals and submit requests for approval. Once received, communicate status in real-time
  • geofencing for check in and outCheck-In/Out with Optional Geofencing

    Allow team members to clock in from their phones, ensuring precise time capture. Additionally, capture lunch breaks, safety checks, and coverage verification
  • Shift actions and tasksIn-Shift Actions & Timesheets

    Have staff upload pictures, videos, notes, and signatures for verification. Assign tasks and capture timesheet information for supervisor review and approval
Celayix mobile check in

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