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Save time with an Automatic Scheduler for Employees

Do you ever wish someone could take over your employee scheduling for you? Well, an automatic scheduler can do just that! We break down the benefits of automated scheduling as well as the features we provide here at Celayix.

As businesses grow, employee scheduling becomes more complicated, and managing it manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Automated scheduling solutions can help businesses save time, streamline operations, and optimize employee schedules. Can you imagine how fast your employee scheduling process would be with an automatic scheduler? Well, with Celayix, you don’t need to imagine! First, let’s look at what an automatic scheduler is, and why your business needs one.

What is an Automatic Scheduler?

automated machine analyzing statistical data

An automatic scheduler uses an employee database and other important relevant information to build out an employee schedule. It considers factors such as employee availability, skills, seniority, shift preferences, and labor laws to create efficient schedules that meet business needs while ensuring that employees are fairly and legally scheduled. Depending on the scheduler you use, it might also use other features including artificial intelligence, templates, or business rules. But, why do you need one?

Benefits of an Automatic Scheduler

1. Saves Time

One of the most significant benefits of automatic schedulers is that they save time. Creating employee schedules manually can take hours or even days, especially if you have a large workforce. Automated scheduling software like Celayix can create optimized schedules in a matter of minutes, freeing up managers’ time to focus on other essential tasks. We’ve had customers whose scheduling time dropped from 2 weeks to a matter of hours!

2. Improves Employee Satisfaction

Believe it or not, an automatic scheduler can also improve employee satisfaction. Most automatic schedulers come stacked with features such as self scheduling and shift bidding. Schedulers can use these tools to facilitate the scheduling process completely, or alongside the automatic scheduler. This way, employees have more control over their schedules, and managers can create schedules that better accommodate their needs. This can lead to higher employee morale, improved retention rates, and a more engaged workforce.

3. Reduces Errors

automatic scheduler reduces errors

Manual scheduling is prone to errors, such as double-booked shifts or scheduling employees outside their availability. These errors can lead to frustration among employees and hurt the business’s bottom line. Automatic schedulers have built-in error-checking mechanisms that ensure that schedules are accurate and compliant with labor laws. This means employees won’t be be double booked, your shifts won’t be understaffed, and you’ll likely see less no-shows.

4. Increases Efficiency

Above anything else, automatic schedulers increase efficiency in several ways. For example, they can automatically fill open shifts with available employees, reducing the time and effort required to find replacements. They can also optimize schedules to ensure that employees are utilized effectively, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. More advanced systems including Celayix use artificial intelligence to improve both quality and efficiency.

Celayix Automatic Scheduler

Celayix employee scheduling software is an example of a platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and a rule-based engine to create optimized schedules. Some of the key features of our automatic scheduler include:

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Celayix uses artificial intelligence to analyze employee data and create optimized schedules. The software can learn from past scheduling decisions and use this information to make more informed scheduling decisions in the future. Not only does our artificial intelligence help you create optimised schedules, it also helps you create fair, and unbiased schedules. Without an automatic scheduler, employees may feel that more favourable hours are given to other employees. AI totally eliminates bias and distributes shifts in a way that best suits the business and your customers.

Rule-based Engine

Celayix also uses a rule-based engine to ensure that schedules are compliant with labor laws and other business rules. The software can enforce rules such as maximum working hours, overtime restrictions, and minimum rest periods, ensuring that employees are fairly and legally scheduled. This reduces the mental workload on schedulers who often overlook overtime and other factors when creating schedules. Our system can generate alerts when overtime is assigned and even suggest alternative employees. We’ve helped customers save over $100,000 in overtime with our automatic scheduler!

Mobile App

Celayix has a mobile app that allows employees to view their schedules, request time off, and swap shifts with their colleagues. The app also allows managers to communicate with employees and approve time-off requests, improving communication and reducing scheduling conflicts. One of the main benefits of the Celayix mobile app is that it can automatically alert employees of schedule changes! Handling schedule changes manually leads to missed shifts and other conflicts. With automated notifications, employees have full visibility at all times!

Time and Attendance Tracking

time and attendance

Celayix also offers time and attendance tracking, allowing managers to monitor employee attendance and punctuality. This feature can help businesses reduce labor costs by identifying and addressing attendance issues early on. The beauty of having integrated, automated time and attendance is having attendance matched hours! Your schedule will be updated with actual hours worked. This allows you to ensure payroll is accurate and error free, in as little time as possible!

Automatic schedulers like Celayix can help businesses save time, improve employee satisfaction, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. Celayix has a very extensive list of features that make employee scheduling easy, efficient and accurate. If you’d like to learn more about our features and our suite of workforce management tools, get in touch today to see a free live demo! Or, if you’d like to get hands on with our tools, sign up for a free trial today!