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Save Time Scheduling With Workflows

Setting up workflows in software can help automate processes in your business, saving you time and and effort. For scheduling, there are many benefits to using workflows.

What Are Workflows?

A workflow is a series of steps that execute in a specific order to meet a certain objective. There are many workflows in any organization, and it is important that the software that you choose reflects your company’s workflows.

Organizations have workflows for scheduling, checking employees in and out of shifts, processing payroll, and countless other processes. Setting up workflows can help you save time and can automate processes. In the context of scheduling, using workflows can save you numerous hours each week. To demonstrate how a workflow works, we’ll use the example of employee vacation requests.

Vacation Request Workflow

Vacations are important for work-life balance and employee health. Not to mention, almost all employee agreements have clauses to address vacation. For the employer, it’s crucial that vacations have minimal disruption and interference to business operations. Most times, having other employees to cover is sufficient.

Depending on the organization, there are rules that govern employee vacations. For example, employees must give adequate notice as defined by the employer. Specific dates may be unavailable for vacation due to business operations. Vacation requests also require approvals from managers.

While vacation requests appear to be a simple action, there are many steps that go into it. Using a workflow in employee scheduling software can simplify the process. Here is how scheduling software can help:

  • Employees can easily see how many days/hours of vacation they can take
  • They can easily choose the dates of their vacation
  • If needed, they can enter notes about the vacation (e.g., the reason, alternative dates, etc.)
  • Once they submit the request, the manager(s) can approve or deny the request
  • Employees can see the status of their request (e.g., pending, approved, denied) and any additional comments their manager(s) have made

The workflow mimics a paper-based process of an employee filling out a vacation request form. With scheduling software, there is no risk of losing a record of the request. In addition, the software automatically incorporates the request into payroll.

On the manager’s end, they can easily see approved vacation requests during the scheduling process. The data the software collects is also useful for scheduling and workforce planning. Managers can generate reports that show total vacation hours, common dates and times for vacation, and so on.


If the company’s scheduling software doesn’t have the flexibility to manage all parts of the vacation workflow, additional effort must be made in other systems to track this information in other applications, and extra work may be required to ensure all the necessary systems are updated with the correct information. It is easy, in that situation, for errors to creep into play, costing the company, and maybe even the employees, to lose valuable time and/or money, increase their frustration, and create extra unnecessary work for employees and management.

Celayix’s employee scheduling software provides the power and flexibility to meet the most demanding requirements of a vacation workflow, and many other kinds of workflows, too. To see how a software solution can adapt to your workflows, instead of you having to adapt to a rigid workflow dictated by the software, contact Celayix to arrange a free live demonstration today.

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