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The power of visual scheduling for employees

Visual scheduling is a comprehensive, cross-industry solution for planning, project management, budgeting, resource management, staff tracking and assignments. It can be an effective tool to implement in a business when dealing with shift work. Read our blog to learn the effects of visual schedules and how it can benefit your employees

Visual scheduling is a comprehensive, cross-industry solution for planning, project management, budgeting, resource management, staff tracking and assignments. It can be an effective tool to implement in a business when dealing with shift work. Through visual scheduling, employees can be constantly aware of when and where they are working. Employees can track and plan for when they will work daily, weekly and even monthly.

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of visual scheduling to employees and the part Celayix plays in it.

Benefits of Visual Scheduling

1. Helps minimize errors

Whether you’re using a pencil and paper or a digital spreadsheet to manage your employees’ schedules, it’s incredibly easy to make a mistake. For example, understaffing a certain shift—and not noticing the error until it’s too late. With multi-use software like Celayix, you can avoid these mistakes completely.

Most of these solutions have built-in features that alert you if there are uncovered shifts or if you’re understaffed for a certain shift. This allows you to deal with the issue before it even arises.

2. Cuts down on redundant tasks

Most employee scheduling software allows you to copy schedules from past days, weeks, or even months.

So you can start saving you precious time if you simply have to replicate the work you’ve already done.

3. Lets your employees collaborate on scheduling

Managers with multiple employees can implement scheduling software that allows employees to trade shifts among themselves. Not only does this mean you won’t have to waste time resolving scheduling conflicts, but it also helps your employees be accountable for their schedules.

The good news is that scheduling software solutions also offer these collaborative features in mobile app form, like Celayix. This allows employees to access and manage their schedules anytime, anywhere.

4. Enables managers to automate vacation, sick leave, and time-off requests

Most collaborative employee scheduling software solutions also allow your workers to place online requests for time off. Whether it’s for a week-long vacation or a two-hour window for a doctor’s appointment, it can be easily handled.

A solution such as this is really helpful for managers because, while it eliminates the burden on you to remember everyone’s special circumstances for requesting time off, it still allows you to have the final say on such matters.

5. Sets a track record for employees

Using scheduling software for employee performance assessment comes with another added benefit in that these solutions will usually notify you if an employee is underperforming, such as being chronically late to or absent from work.

Certain software systems even allow employees to self-report on how long they spent completing a particular task, which you can use to gain an understanding of your employees’ baseline performance. That way, if you find that you need to speak to one of your employees regarding any issues, you can rely on concrete data to do so.

6. Lets you communicate with all other employees instantaneously

It’s too easy to lose messages between managers and their subordinates whether it’s through SMS or email communication. Thankfully, today’s employee scheduling solutions have features that enable managers to communicate messages to their staff. For example, if you have a busy week coming up and you need employees to pick up extra shifts, or you need a few people to come in on a Sunday and unload inventory. With a staff scheduling tool, you can send out company-wide announcements such as these with the click or tap of a button, and your employees will be notified instantly.

What Does Celayix Provide?

Celayix is intuitive and easy to setup. After the challenges we had with our previous solution, implementing Celayix has provided us with the confidence we need when using an automated scheduling tool and allows us to focus on growing our business

Shawn Scarleta, Owner, Smart Security Pros

Celayix is a software solution that allows your employees and managers to excel through the use of visual schedules. Let’s have a look at what we offer:

The Employee Shift Schedule

Using our Mobile App, employees can see their shift schedule for any time period. They’ll know whether that shift is accepted, pending acceptance, includes overtime, what the locations and start and end times are.

Employee Availability

Employees can have full control over their availability, and specify when and when they are not available.

The Celayix Rules Engine manages makes sure that when you use features like Auto FillFind Replacement, and our AI Recommendations will only show available employees.

Even if you manually assign a shift, you will be warned if the person is not available. You can either replace them or override their availability settings.

Check-In / Check-Out

The Celayix Mobile App enables employees to check in and check out of a shift using their mobile Android or iOS phones.

With our geofencing feature, you can create GPS-enabled Check-ins and check-out with a custom radius set. Allow, or deny employees from checking in or out from within the Geofence. Celayix does not track employees using GPS and Geofence features. It is checked only when the employee initiates a check-in or check-out, to ensure employee privacy.

Check-in and check-out is also supported by hardware time-clock devices and devices such as tablets, laptops, or desktop computers with specific IP addresses assigned to prevent fraudulent clock-punching. 

Visual Management Console

Celayix provides a map-based visual display for monitoring shift check-ins and check-outs throughout your day. Managers can also view the map through a detailed list view if they prefer. 

Pins can be shown on the map for open shifts, upcoming shifts, successful check-ins and check-outs, late check-ins, and other common events.

You can filter the map by employee, customers, sites, and even services provided. Larger organizations can more easily control large workforces, or distribute monitoring across multiple managers, regions, and support global deployments.

Electronic Timesheets

Celayix’s Mobile App allows employees to track their time worked at a glance.

Employees can see their regular hours, statutory hours, overtime, Department of Transport hours, training hours, and any other types of hours worked, and totals.

When the Celayix system is connected to payroll and billing, you get automated error-free time sheets where the employees get paid accurately for the time they work, and you don’t worry about overpayments and timesheet padding.

In-App Chat

Celayix provides an in-app chat function so that schedule managers can communicate instantly with any employee. You can select from a list of employees or select a shift assignment and connect with the employee on-shift easily.

Messages from multiple employees are all retained conveniently and eliminate the need to grab your phone and hunt someone down. The system keeps records of messages and chats so that you can keep track of online conversations.

Time Off Requests

Employees can either block off time using our Availability Settings, or if Time Off Requests are part of the organization’s process, they can request time off from the Celayix Mobile App.

Employees can specify start time, end time, reason for request, all or only part of a day. They can also request a debit against their banked time, and provide any additional notes or information to help their manager approve their request faster.

Written by Conor Bourke

Written by Conor Bourke

Conor is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Celayix that focuses on PPC, social media and website management.

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