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uFace 800 Time Clock

Facial Recognition Based Terminal. Download a copy to share with others.

This Celayix information sheet is also available for download

Flexible Facial & Fingerprint + Proximity Card Reader

The uFace 800 Time Clock can hold up to 1,500 face and 3,000 finger templates. It is a dual-mode biometric time and attendance terminal that includes both a camera for facial recognition and a fingerprint capture device for versatile and secure biometric applications. This clock fulfills your need to manage time & attendance and access control conveniently and offers a great variety of choices, such as the use of RFID cards.

uFace 800 time clock Features

  • Capacity: 1,500 faces and 3,000 finger templates.
  • Authentication methods: Face, Finger, RFID and/or Password.
  • High-resolution infrared camera
  • Multi-language capable
  • Fast verification speed in either mode
  • Battery backup, allowing approximately 4 hours of continuous operation
  • Flexible firmware allows easily extended functions to be customized to specific end users
  • Single facial template is registered per user
  • Wi-Fi Standard

uFace800 time clock Hardware Specifications


Face: 1,500; ID Cards: 10,000
Finger Templates: 3,000
Transactions: 100,00


Ethernet, Serial RS 232/RS 485, USB (host & client), Wi-Fi

Fingerprint Sensor


Verification Speed

≤1 sec (typical)


Operating Temperature: 32°F -113°F (0°C- 45°C)
Operating Humidity: 5% – 80%


12V CD at 3A

Optional: 12V POE injector (sold separately)
Optional: 12V Battery Backup (sold separately)


800 x 480 Pixel, LCD Capacitive Touch Screen

Supported Devices

uFace 800 ID-WiFi: Fingerprint and Standard RFID prox reader
uFace 800 HID-WiFi: Fingerprint and Standard HID prox reader


Width: 7.6 in. (19.3 cm)
Height: 6.4 in. (16.5 cm)
Depth: 3.75 in. (9.5 cm)
Weight: 1.75 lbs. (794 g)

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