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Celayix Find Replacement – Find Shift Replacements Instantly!

Take a look at how Celayix Find Replacement can save you time, money and headaches when it comes to employee no-shows!

Here at Celayix, our mission is to make scheduling easy. We strive to develop features that make managing your workforce and your schedules as effortless as possible. One of those features is our Find Replacement tool. It makes last-minute no-shows, sick calls, and other last-minute changes easy to deal with. This tool has saved managers time, money, and lots of headaches over the years. Let’s dive in on how.

As a scheduler or manager, you know the pain that comes from employees notifying you that they cannot make a shift. Whether they’re sick, have an emergency, or whatever the reason is, you are now short an employee. Sometimes you get lucky, and the absent employee will find their own replacement to cover and that’s that. However, more often than not, schedulers and managers are tasked with going through the process of calling a bunch of other employees and hoping to find one that is willing to come in. This is where Find Replacement steps in.

Why you need Find Replacement

By using Celayix, you have an easily searchable roster of available, qualified employees at your fingertips. As an added benefit, Celayix uses both our Rules-Based engine as well as our Artificial Intelligence to power this feature. The way this works is a scheduler will be able to hit the find replacement button and be given a number of available staff members who meet all business rules, are not scheduled already, and meet requirements such as no overtime.  This provides managers a list of the best fit and most cost-effective staff members, cutting down drastically the search for any replacement and making it a matter of minutes.

With our tools, we can provide a superior alternative to typical shift-swapping solutions. For most organizations, shift-swapping involves Employee A trading shifts with Employee B. Even with supervisor approval, there is usually no way to ensure that scheduling Employee B in that shift is the best value for the organization. With our find replacement and communication tools to notify employees, ensure best fit candidates get assigned to your last-minute shifts.

How it Works

This process also places the burden on Employee A to find their own replacement. Rather than duplicate a bad manual process, Celayix enables Employee A to simply drop the shift, and Celayix provides the supervisor with a fully compliant and best-fit replacement in seconds – one that is in the best interests of the organization. That is where the true advantages of Celayix Find Replacement lies; not only does it remove the pain of searching for the employee, it finds the best possible replacement. The speed at which Find Replacement also means that last minute schedule changes are easy to manage.

Aside from the convenience and time savings that Find Replacement provides, there are also huge financial benefits too. In the past, finding a replacement for an absent employee could take up to an hour of calling out and dealing with filtering through unavailable employees. Not only that, but the Celayix system allows you to create the rules that suit your business needs in the Find Replacement criteria. The most common filter used by our customers is the Overtime filter. By using this, you can ensure that the Find Replacement only suggest employees who will not be going into overtime. We’ve helped companies save over $100,000 in overtime with these business rules, and we want to help you too.

If you’re interested in hearing how Celayix can improve your scheduling process and save you some headaches with features like this, reach out to one of our Solutions Advisors today!

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