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Autofill: What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

Celayix Autofill is the easiest way to introduce automation into your scheduling process. Take a look at how it works, and how you benefit from using it!

Have you ever stared at an unfilled schedule and just wished that someone could fill it in for you? Of course, you’ll need all schedule rules, qualifications, and site history to be considered, right? Well, that’s exactly where Celayix Autofill comes in.  Using autofill, you can fill any number of open shifts with an available and applicable employee in seconds. Here is how it works.

The Celayix autofill tool uses algorithms that take into consideration any set of requirements to fill open shifts with applicable staff members.  These requirements are determined by the organization and can include any set of criteria, for example, qualifications, experience, overtime, seniority, availability and more.  This gives schedulers complete control over which staff autofill will suggest giving assurance all business rules are met and schedules are filled in seconds.

Schedulers have complete control to change any suggestions from the autofill. Once solidified, they can send the new shifts to employees for them to confirm. The entire process from the creation of shifts, autofill, and release to employees takes only a few minutes.

Here are a few of the most popular qualifications our customers use in determining the rules of their autofill:


  • This is used to ensure that the autofill tool will not choose employees who would be going into overtime if they worked the open shift. Any specific number of hours can be used to determine “overtime” for your location and company.

Certificates & Qualifications

  • Depending on your organization, there may be different skill sets associated with different employees. For example, armed guards vs. patrol officers, or registered nurses vs. nursing assistants, etc. As well, there may be specific certificates a shift requires. For example, first aid. Celayix autofill makes sure the employee filling the shift is qualified for the shift.


  • With Celayix, employees have the option to submit their availability of when they are available to work. Autofill can then take this availability information and use it when filling the shifts. Even if employees do not submit specific availability, autofill will also ensure that employees that or on vacation or requested time off will not be assigned to these shifts.


  • For some organizations, shifts need to be assigned based on seniority and union rules. With Celayix, employers can assign seniority based on start date or simply by dragging and dropping the employees in the order they choose. This is taken into consideration when required in the autofill as well.

No Conflicts

  • Autofill will also check for scheduling conflicts by default. If an employee is already scheduled for any portion of the open shift, they will not be considered. Next, you will choose the method that determines the order that autofill will filter through your employees. There are 2 options, priority and sequence.


  • This method gives you the flexibility to define in what order your shifts must be processed and what requirements must be satisfied during assignment. Active employees who match the specified requirements are automatically assigned. When multiple employees match, the first employee in the specified order is chosen. If necessary, requirements can further be prioritized so that shifts can be assigned to employees who match some but not all the requirements (partial match).


  • Autofill by sequence method assign shifts to employee based on the employee sequence order defined in the configuration. This is where seniority could be determined to ensure that senior employees are considered for shifts first. When using the sequence method, our system will remember where your last autofill stopped. Next time you create a schedule, it will pick up from the same point.

Autofill can be used for either a set of shifts or all shifts, depending on the needs of the organization. Since it takes into consideration any qualifications applied, schedulers can rest assured applicable staff are always put into available shifts. After a review, a simple save will send the shifts to your staff, eliminating any gaps in communication. Celayix ensures that staff members get their new shifts as soon as possible. Take it a step further and ask them to confirm the shift ahead of time. There will then be a special icon on that shift giving schedulers peace of mind that the staff member has seen and confirmed that shift. This is scheduling made simple. 

What are the Benefits of Autofill?

Now that we have gone through the way to use Autofill, lets talk the benefits.

Eliminate Unnecessary Overtime

With the “No Overtime” criteria that can be configured, you can completely eliminate any unnecessary overtime from your schedule.

Faster Optimized Scheduling

Thanks to autofill, completing schedules is much faster and easier. With quick clicks any selected open shifts are filled by Celayix Autofill, saving a huge amount of manual effort.

Less Risk of Understaffing & Double Booking

With Celayix, open shifts and schedule gaps are easily identified, and autofill will fill them with ease. This makes sure there are no situations of double booking or understaffing.

Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts

Autofill ensures that no employees are assigned to shifts they are unavailable to work or booked into overlapping shifts.

Fully Customizable

Celayix autofill is a fully customizable tool that can be configured precisely how you need it to be. With such a wide range of choice and control, autofill can fill your schedule exactly how you would.

Comply with Union Rules

Using the powerful configurations of Celayix autofill, you never have to worry about our system bending the rules. Union rules on seniority or any other requirements are looked after with ease.

Features like Autofill are what set shift scheduling software like Celayix apart from other, basic methods of scheduling. Efficiency and accuracy are crucial when it comes to shift scheduling, and autofill certainly achieves them. Once you start using autofill, you’ll soon wonder how you ever survived without it! Celayix scheduling tools alongside our time and attendance capabilities make us the most comprehensive scheduling platform out there. If you’d like to see how we can help you improve your process, get in touch with a Solution Advisor!

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