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Smart Security Pros Improves Accountability

This case study explores how Smart Security Pros simplified scheduling and payroll processing, and improved employee attendance using Celayix shift-scheduling and time & attendance software.


Smart Security Pros

Smart Security Pros is a Private Security Company, Providing Armed Security, Unarmed Security Guards & Physical Protection Services for 20+ years.​

Location: Maryland

Industry: Security

Company Size: 300+ Employees


The management team at Smart Security Pros was struggling to manage the attendance of their onsite guards. In particular, they were facing issues of being notified of late check-ins. Although they had a solution in place, their existing system had irregular alerting mechanics, leading the team to frustration.

For the supervisors, it was frustrating that alerting was so inconsistent. In addition, they were finding it difficult to see in real time who had clocked in, making it hard for them to contact employees who were late to ensure sites were covered. These issues led them to search for a new solution.

They set out in search of a solution that would include:

  • Real-time alerts when a security guard was late clocking in at a site
  • Intuitive layouts that could be modified to show the information that was most important, including guard contact information
  • Integration with their payroll provider to reduce manual data entry
  • Easy setup and configuration to meet their specific business needs

“Celayix is intuitive and easy to setup. After the challenges we had with our previous solution, implementing Celayix has provided us with the confidence we need when using an automated scheduling tool and allows us to focus on growing our business.”

Shawn Scarleta, Owner


In their search, the team found Celayix Software. With Celayix, Smart Security Pros found they were able to achieve not only their main objectives, but also much more.

They were able to successfully implement an automated solution that provided consistent alerting. Hence, this ensured that they were notified immediately of any late or no show check-ins. Supervisors are now quickly alerted of any problems.

They are further able to use the Celayix platform to contact guards directly to determine and resolve any issues.

In the case the guard is unable to make the shift, they can automate the process of finding a replacement. The replacement will be based on the specific rules for that shift. This allows Smart Security Pros to be aware of issues at the site before customers are aware of them.


Improved Shift Alerts – Increased Attendance

Celayix was able to improve the sending and receiving of shift alerts by 100%. With Celayix, when any guard did not show up at the site on time, managers are notified in real-time. This increased the confidence Smart Security Pros have with their new scheduling system as a solution to their business needs.

Scheduling became Easier

In addition to fixing the alerting problems from the start, Smart Security Pros found that configuring and using Celayix across the company was both easy and flexible. Celayix provides them the ability to customize the layouts available within the system allowing them to show only the information they want to see in the order they want to see it. This simplified the communication process and made the whole end to end scheduling process simpler, cleaner, and more efficient.

Simple, Effective Payroll Integration

Smart Security Pros also use Celayix’s payroll integration. With the integration, they are able to easily send payroll data from Celayix directly into their payroll system. This not only saved hours of manual entry per week but removed the potential for payroll data entry errors.

So, with the benefits Smart Security Pros receives from Celayix, the increased confidence in an automated system leaves them time to focus on the important task of growing their business.

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