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Cerberus Security Group’s Transition to Celayix Workforce Management Solution

Celayix scheduling software empowers Cerberus Security Group with cutting-edge features like Geofencing for precise location-based scheduling, shift bidding for employee flexibility, and the ability to efficiently schedule multiple employees at once. This dynamic combination revolutionizes their scheduling process, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and ease of management.

Company Overview: Cerberus Security Group

Cerberus Security Group

Cerberus Security Group is a security services provider based in Austin, Texas. With a commitment to delivering high-quality security solutions, Cerberus Security Group has been in the business for several years, serving diverse clients. Their services encompass festival and event-trained guard staff, Investigation services, emergency services management, and more.

Challenges for Cerberus Security Group

Prior to adopting Celayix software, Cerberus Security Group encountered several challenges in their workforce management:

Ineffective Legacy Software:

Cerberus was using a legacy software solution that failed to provide an efficient solution for their scheduling needs. The company still had to rely on manual processes, such as Excel spreadsheets, to complete certain tasks. This redundant and time-consuming method not only led to spending excessive time on scheduling employees but also hindered the seamless management of their workforce, leaving ample room for scheduling errors

Payroll and Billing Transition:

The company was compelled to transition from a custom-built payroll process to a new platform to streamline its operations. However, the new platform they adopted did not adequately cater to their complex payroll and billing requirements. This transition led to frustration and complications as it posed a significant challenge for Cerberus in managing the financial aspects of its workforce.

Solution for Cerberus Security Group

Cerberus Security Group evaluated multiple software options for workforce management, ultimately selecting Celayix for a variety of reasons: 

Cerberus Security Group in Action

Competitive Pricing:

Celayix offered cost-effective solutions well-suited to Cerberus’s budgetary requirements. This competitive pricing addressed financial constraints and ensured that Cerberus received substantial value for its investment.

Responsive Team:

Cerberus found Celayix’s team highly receptive, offering product demos and a free trial to ensure it met their specific needs. This attentive and responsive approach from Celayix fostered a sense of confidence in their partnership.

Efficient Implementation:

Within one week, Celayix seamlessly transferred all employee data to the platform, ensuring a smooth transition. This expedited implementation process saved Cerberus valuable time and allowed them to benefit from the new system quickly.

Training and Implementation:

Cerberus praised Celayix’s approach, describing the training and implementation as “fantastic.” The comprehensive training and seamless implementation process ensured that Cerberus’s staff could quickly adapt to the new software, improving overall operational efficiency.

Key features that addressed Cerberus Security’s challenges: 

Celayix Mobile App
  • Streamlined Scheduling: Cerberus reported a significant reduction in time spent on scheduling, cutting the process in half – from 4 hours a day to just 2. 
  • Geofencing: Celayix’s geofencing feature worked flawlessly, ensuring precise employee check-in/check-out and guard location tracking. 
  • User-Friendly Platform: Cerberus staff found the platform extremely user-friendly, making scheduling tasks more efficient. 
  • Fast Check-In: The ability for 100 guards to quickly sign in via the mobile app was highly appreciated by Cerberus. 
  • Shift Bidding: Cerberus implemented shift bidding for their scheduling needs. 


Cerberus Security Group has experienced several benefits since implementing Celayix as their workforce management software:

Improved Staff Satisfaction:

geofenced check in

The intuitive nature of Celayix’s platform has led to increased staff satisfaction. Cerberus Security Group’s employees find navigating and interacting with the software easy, resulting in a happier and more engaged workforce.

Efficient Reporting:

By eliminating manual Excel spreadsheet processes, Cerberus Security Group has experienced a significant reduction in reporting time. The platform offers quick and accurate reporting, allowing them to make data-driven decisions easily.

Mass Scheduling:

Celayix’s feature to create and build schedules for many employees all at once has revolutionized Cerberus’s scheduling process. What used to take a day and a half now requires only an hour, saving a substantial amount of time and resources.

Seamless Data Transfer:

The seamless transition from their previous provider to Celayix has ensured that Cerberus Security Group didn’t lose valuable historical data. Data transfer was handled efficiently, reducing any disruptions in their operations.

Celayix and iSolved Integration: Streamlining Cerberus Security Group 

The integration between Celayix and iSolved has been instrumental in streamlining Cerberus’s payroll and scheduling needs. The close collaboration between the two platforms resolved manual data entry issues and improved hiring processes overnight. 

As Cerberus Security Group expanded its clientele to include apartment complexes, Celayix’s checklist feature streamlined its operations. The check-in/check-out feature, geofencing, and mobile check-in ensured a seamless shift processing experience. 

Cerberus Security Group expressed satisfaction with Celayix’s ability to facilitate the transition to a new software solution. They found creating multiple shifts at once to be much faster than the arduous task of creating shifts one by one.

“The proof is in the pudding. Celayix and iSolved have solved a lot of things overnight. The training was really amazing. It’s sophisticated software, but not complicated at all from a user standpoint.”

Project Manager, Cerberus Security Group 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information on how Celayix can benefit your organization. 

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