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CISC Eliminates Scheduling Errors and Improves Overall Attendance

This case study describes how a Quebec-based security company with over 2000 employees switched from their existing shift-scheduling software to Celayix, resulting in saving significant amounts of time in their employee scheduling and time and attendance.


CISC- Centre Investigation & Sécurité Canada 

CISC is a Security Company based in Quebec, Canada, founded in 2018. Today, the company has more than 2000 employees and executives and offers various security services in multiple environments. These include health facilities, university and college training centers, various government departments and administrative units, surveillance on construction sites, security in condominiums, event security management, and other spheres of activity such as moving supervision. 

Location: Quebec, Canada 

Industry: Security 

Company Size: 2000+ employees 


CISC had previous software in place before switching to Celayix. However, the software lacked the capabilities they needed to succeed in their workforce management, and so they looked for a better, more equipped, platform. 

Due to the high number of employees working for CISC, it is imperative for them to stay on top of their employee scheduling and qualification review which they previously couldn’t do to capacity. They were unable to view their employees’ qualifications properly which made it difficult to know whether a security guard had the experience for a particular role or not. They also needed software that would allow them to post available shifts for guards to bid on in order to cut down on time it took to schedule their employees. 

Shift- bidding is really helpful for events that our guards work at. When we have 50+ shifts to fill, we can easily post them onto Celayix and our guards can select them as they please.”

Hervé Philippe, Director of Operations  

On occasion, the wrong security guard would get scheduled for a specific role that they weren’t qualified for and so both parties would be wasting time and money on this mishap. For these reasons, they decided to make the switch to Celayix.  


Celayix provided the exact features that CISC was in search of i.e. a shift bidding feature to automate their scheduling process and a rules-based engine to filter out their employees qualifications. Their Director of Operations had used Celayix in his previous role, before joining CISC. He had already accumulated years of experience using our software and had recommended us to his team.  

As the Director of Operations was already familiar with Celayix he knew that our solution would be able to alleviate their issues regarding being able to review their security guards qualifications, experience and permits. The Celayix rules-based engine feature has since then facilitated CISC to cut down on significant time when selecting the right guard for the right job.  

“Being able to add specific qualifications to an employee’s profile is really important for us. With Celayix we are able to input these qualifications to our guards profiles which eliminates the possibility of scheduling the wrong security guard for a shift.” 

Hervé Philippe, Director of Operations  


Better employee scheduling 

With Celayix, CISC are now able to cut down on the time taken to create schedules thanks to our shift-bidding feature and employee qualifications view. Now they can spend less time on scheduling their security guards while also empowering their employees by allowing them to choose their own shifts. 

The creation of reoccurring shifts has been a massive help to CISC. They previously spent excessive amounts of time manually inputting the same shifts for employees on a weekly basis but with Celayix they have been able to automate their scheduling process and reduce the time taken managing their employees.  

Employee Scheduling Software

Increased Attendance  

Thanks to our alerts and notifications, Celayix helped CISC mitigate the occurrence of no-shows and sick calls. When a guard does not show up at the site on time, the supervisors are notified in real-time and can react instantly adding a replacement guard for the specific shift.  

Security Guard eLigibility  

CISC no longer has to worry about whether a guard is eligible or not to work now that they can view their guards permit expiration date. With our user-friendly layout, companies like CISC can have confidence in their scheduling thanks to the array of information that managers can attach to employees’ profiles, including sensitive information like employee permits.  

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