What is shift bidding?

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With Shift Bidding, employees bid for shifts in the employee portal that match their qualifications and business rules. These bids are then given to managers to either auto assign shifts or manually select candidates to fill the shifts, ensuring that the most suitable candidates are selected.

self bidding

Shift bidding is an automated method to scheduling that ensures the best employee is assigned to a particular shift. It can be a beneficial way to minimize the amount of time that your schedulers spend on scheduling employees. Many employees today value the freedom of and flexibility of scheduling their shifts. Without the proper workforce management system behind it, manual scheduling is frequently a laborious and arduous task. Fortunately, Celayix provides a platform to use shift bidding efficiently and effectively. Does shift bidding belong in your company’s toolbox, and is it the right solution for your company?

How Does Shift Bidding Work?

Shift bidding starts with your company’s schedulers. The schedulers will then make the shifts that they would like employees to work. They can also set the qualifications for specific shifts if needed. A notification will then go out to all the employees. Employees will only be able to see the shifts they qualify for. After receiving a notification, employees can select which shift they would like to work and place a bid. With our rules-based scheduling, schedulers can access important information while scheduling after the bidding period. The information displayed can be which employees are qualified, and which employees are about to go into overtime. At this point, the scheduler can either manually enter each employee into a shift, or leave Celayix AI to autofill the schedule.


Employee Happiness

There are many benefits for employees with shift bidding. The first benefit would be the freedom to choose your schedule. Employees have the ability to choose what shifts they would like to work and when they would like to work. Your employees will feel empowered as they are actively involved in the schedule making process. It creates the feeling of employee initiative and pro-activeness. Shift bidding increases the flexibility of employee’s shifts. Flexibility in your employee’s lives can lead to a great amount of employee happiness. With a greater amount of employee happiness, employees are more likely to stay with your company.

Save Time Scheduling

Saving time wherever you can is fantastic with everyone’s workday becoming busier and busier. With employees scheduling themselves, schedulers only have to create the layout of shifts they would like filled. The manager on site can either manually approve of each shift or use an automation feature such as Celayix AI to autofill every shift. Celayix AI will optimize your schedule depending a multitude of factors such as impending overtime pay or wage. Another benefit is that the schedulers do not have to collect all the employee’s preferences and availabilities.


Staff Seniority

In other software, shift bidding is not too customizable and employees with the lowest bids and the high seniority are always selected. This can cause discord throughout your employees. Junior employees will not be able to win many shift bids due to the fact that senior employees will always outrank them. Consequently, this can lead to frustration and animosity. These bottled feelings can decrease the efficiency of the workforce and lower morale of your company.

Is Shift Bidding Too New?

Shift bidding for some industries is an entirely new concept. Not everyone can accept change. Many people are stuck in their habits and dislike anything that disrupts their routine. Some people may like the new system of scheduling and some people may hate it. Also, the process of learning the bidding process may be too much for some technologically illiterate employees. Some employees may be unwilling to adapt to the new method, which can cause confusion for the schedulers.

This disadvantage can be mitigated through a clear method of communication and people at every level buying in to the new system. Rules and protocols must inform all employees of your company about the new procedures in place for scheduling. In addition to clear communication, employees must learn how to use the software to avoid confusion.

Conclusions about Shift Bidding

Shift bidding is a way to automate your scheduling and keep scheduling hours low. Implementing this method of scheduling comes with both highs and lows. Employee happiness and retention can potentially go up, but there may be discord among the employees of senior staff are always prioritized in the scheduling process. Shift bidding is a feature on the Celayix platform that can lead to increased efficiency and overall employee satisfaction. If you would like to know about how Celayix can help you and your business with shift bidding, feel free to contact us at our toll-free number or email us today!