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Memphis Sports Stadium Saves $30,000 Annually with Celayix

This case study on a Memphis-based pro sports stadium using Celayix shift-scheduling and time & attendance software to reduce scheduling time for hundreds of employees, eliminate manual data entry, and save costs of $30,000 through improved scheduling efficiency.


“Pro Sports X” (Organization name confidential)

This 18,000-seat stadium is home to a pro sports team, which also manages and operates all events. The stadium hosts 120 events a year, including both NBA teams and university basketball teams. For each event, Pro Sports X relies on its team of about 550 staff across 6 departments – Guest Relations, Premium Services, Conversion, Facility Services, Engineering, and the Box Office – to successfully coordinate and execute events.

Location: Memphis, TN

Industry: Venues – Sports

Size: 500+ Employees


Pro Sports X’s 550-membered staff team presented challenges in the employee scheduling process. They had hundreds of part-time staff with varying availabilities and pay rates and needed to schedule them as fairly as possible. Their Excel spreadsheet was barely making the cut.

“In scheduling hundreds of part-time stadium staff, we had to understand who could work, when, and where. Managing it on an Excel spreadsheet, it was hard to ensure that everyone was being scheduled fairly for shifts, that someone didn’t get two shifts and another just one.”

Director, Guest Relations

In addition, they tracked employee’s actual hours on paper, taking an additional 4-5 hours to input time and attendance for payroll processing in ADP. 

Overall, their employee scheduling and time and attendance process was far too time consuming for a team of their size.


Celayix offered an easy solution that solved both their scheduling and time and attendance challenges. Pro Sports X now had a software program where employees could easily enter in their availability, and managers could keep track of individual pay rates for each employee. The system also prevented employees from being scheduled if they would breach overtime, which was 30 hours a week for part-timers. 

Employees could also easily check-in and out of their shifts using a hand scanner. Celayix also allowed them to make use of attendance matching, so the scheduler could easily match the scheduled times and actual times. This ensures employees are only paid for the time they actually worked. Celayix also integrated with ADP, eliminating the need for manual data processing.

“Managing such a large group is hard, but the more you put into the system, the more it works for you. I would never ever go back to the old way.”

Director, Guest Relations


Reduced scheduling time and elimination of manual data entry

The adaptability of Celayix to Pro Sports X’s needs reduced the spent on scheduling. First, ProSportsX can set up custom rules for their business, which Celayix follows when scheduling. This makes it easy to avoid overtime for both salaries and part-time employees. Second, the scheduler can easily create schedule templates for the different positions within their 6 departments. The scheduler no longer needs to make a schedule from scratch each time. Lastly, Celayix ensures fair employee scheduling. Celayix ensures part-time employees are scheduled with similar hours, based on their availability.

“If we’re off by a couple of minutes, people are losing money. Celayix has really worked for us because the pay rate, hours and pay are accurate.”

Director, Guest Relations

In addition, time and attendance data is easily captured in Celayix. This eliminates any errors and time spent on manual data entry for payroll processing. Now, time and attendance data can be sent to payroll within 15 minutes.

Cost savings of $30,000 annually

The scheduling efficiency Celayix provides saves Pro Sports X from hiring a full-time position to do the scheduling. As well, Pro Sports X saves payroll costs as overtime is completely eliminated. 

Improved employee communication, punctuality, and attendance

Previously, staff needed to physically check the schedule at the stadium, or call in to check with other staff. Now, staff can easily check their schedule by calling into an automated phone system connected with Celayix. By improving the communication of schedules, employees can plan their time better and have advanced notice of shifts. This ultimately improves punctuality and employee attendance for Pro Sports X.

“We find the process is a lot smoother and clearer for employees. They don’t need to come to the building to see a calendar of events or check email. They can always pick up the phone and know two weeks in advance and know their shifts, so they can plan better.”

Director, Guest Relations

Managers can also easily pull up reports from Celayix, allowing to see at a glance, who is working an event and where they will be located. Employees are also on the same page as to where they are required for an event. 

The implementation of Celayix for Pro Sports X streamlined their scheduling and payroll processes, saving them both time and costs. Having an efficient scheduling system supported Pro Sports X in their event execution, allowing them to do it even better! 

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