What is guard touring?

security guard in uniform standing in a hallway

Guard Touring is the process of recording and verifying the activities of security officers. This includes:

  • The correct areas of a site are being monitored at the appropriate times
  • Pre-defined routines (or tours) are followed
  • Critical tasks, goals, or checks are all completed
  • And, most vitally, that the client’s location has been secured.

For security guard companies, one of the most vital assets involved in the organization is are the guards themselves. They are the core of the business, and without them any security company would cease to exist. That’s why it’s so important for these organizations to understand their people and how they work, follow the right processes, and use the right technologies and software. And with this in mind, it’s hard to ignore the concept of guard touring and how vitally important it can be for security companies.

Guard touring is the process of recording and verifying the activities of security officers to ensure a number of things:

    • The correct areas of a site are monitored at the appropriate times
    • Pre-defined routines (or tours) are followed
    • Critical tasks, goals, or checks are all completed
    • And, most vitally, that the client’s location has been secured.

In this way, it’s difficult to see a security guard organization operating efficiently without guard touring. Below, you will find some important aspects of guard touring and how they provide value for any security company.

Guard Touring Reduces Administrative Burdens

When considering the role of a guard touring system, the main goal is to document certain activities or tasks during a shift, to ensure its completion. If anything is out of the ordinary, or if there is an incident of any kind, it will be reported. How does this actually occur? Does a security guard bring a pen and notepad around with him/her and make ad-hoc, off the cuff notes of these activities? Possibly, but this presents a few problems. The administrative burden of documenting tasks and making detailed reports is considerable; particularly when a supervisor or manager also needs to verify it afterwards. It’s also an unreliable method of data capture, as it allows for inaccuracies, damaged/lost data, or tampering of valuable information.

Guard touring, when paired with the use of cloud-based software can significantly reduce the problems above, while also providing other values. A guard can execute the necessary objectives and tasks, easily noting this progress on a mobile device. This simple way of recording tasks not only saves time and effort for the guard but also proves timely and cost-effective for management too. When using cloud-based guard touring software, you can supervise guards and sites accurately.

Guard Touring Ensures Quality Due to Data Capture

As mentioned above, guards can easily record anything that occurs during a shift at the touch of a button on their mobile. This data, along with GPS location information, can prove to be hugely valuable for security companies. Management can ensure that the correct work is done, at the correct time, and in the correct location.

Allowing management to generate reports to this effect will improve the quality of work done over time. By analyzing this data, processes and overall quality can be improved. For example, if a guard is underperforming by neglecting some vital tasks, this will be clearly evident in a visually simple interface. Seeing this data in a clear, simple format allows companies to cut out inefficiencies and spot opportunities for improvement or modification. This allows security companies to improve their level of quality and their reputation, ultimately leading to healthy growth in their organization.

A Peace of Mind

As discussed, the ability to report, review and analyze historical data from client sites improves the operational ability of any security company. Not only does this benefit management but more importantly, security company clients will have a higher level of satisfaction. The sending of regular status updates and reports, assuring them their sites are secure, will provide peace of mind. For a security company, if a client is safe in the knowledge that they are getting exactly what paid for, this can only be seen as a positive.

Also, it’s important to mention that data doesn’t lie. When using a guard touring system that records data in the cloud, any ambiguity or vagueness regarding deliverables, KPI’s, or work completed vanishes. Either the work is completed or it isn’t, and management has the answers right in front of their eyes.

Fostering a Culture of Accountability

One of the most talked about benefits of guard touring is the accountability it brings with it. When guards complete tasks, the guard touring software keeps a digital record of it. This keeps guards accountable and motivates them to complete their tasks. Accountability is just one of the many ways guard touring can improve the overall operation, service, and profitability of a security firm.

Along with this, when guards have a certain level of responsibility, they can independently guard a site. This removes any worry from the mind of managers and supervisors, and makes for a happier guard. Employees who have autonomy feel empowered and therefore enjoy a higher level of job satisfaction.  It can also remove the need for a supervisor on site. Less micro-management, higher quality of work, happier clients.

With proper implementation, guard touring is a valuable tool for security companies of all sizes. It’s not difficult to assess whether a company needs guard touring or not. However, choosing what guard touring software to use can be rather convoluted.

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