Shift Tasks & Field Reporting

Designed with all industries in mind, Shift Tasks & Field Reporting will allow Team members to report back to Managers the completion of tasks as well as status updates, including picture and video uploads, electronic signature capture and more. Field reporting will allow you to have a better grasp on your business' operations, increase employee accountability, and provide superior customer service. So, how do you use it?

How Do You Use Field Reporting?

Field reporting is easy with Celayix Shift tasks; assign on-shift tasks to staff members and optionally require completion of assigned tasks before check out. Once the task is completed, the task will be time-stamped and visible in Schedule Xpress giving managers full exposure into when tasks were completed.

Take it a step further and allow staff to ad-hoc add tasks as they work their shifts. Use Shift Tasks to ensure all required activities during the shift as completed and recorded. This will give managers extra assurance of task competition and details to provide clients.

Example of shift tasks:

  • Check front door is locked, provide video report of 4th floor, review the log book, turn off lights, etc.
  • Turnover Room 401, Simple Clean Room 402, etc.

Also available is field reporting for on-shift notes, photo, and video uploads. Anything added in a field report is visible to employees as well as managers for auditing and verification purposes.

Team Members will be able to capture additional shift information to provide to managers through their Team Xpress account. Simply provide staff with the security rights to do these actions and start capturing important shift data today.

With this feature team members can:

  • Provide incident reports
  • Capture photo and video reports
  • Voice to text notes
  • And more

Any reports, photos and videos captured during the shift will be accessible by managers in Schedule Xpress. Use this to send videos/photos and reports to clients when needed.

A Few Uses of Field Reporting


Security guard companies can use field reporting in a variety of manners. A major part of field reporting are the shift tasks. Schedulers can set up a list of tasks for guards to finish before they end their shift. For example, guards can be tasks with items such as “Go check Warehouse B” and “Check the locks on this door”. These task lists can be used to keep security guards busy and occupied instead of wandering around aimlessly or standing in a corner of the building. The notes section can be used to record of summary of duties the guard may have done during the shift or any incidents that may need to be reported to the client. With field reporting, clients can have more confidence in your security company as you show you are accountable for your guard’s actions.

Home Healthcare

The home healthcare industry is a sector that can benefit greatly from field reporting. Supervisors can send a list of tasks for the worker to accomplish. Workers may also be allowed to submit new tasks to document what they did during their visit. In addition to task lists, workers have the ability to add a custom note to the shift. In this note, they are able to jot down any worries or any problems that may arise with the patient during their visit.

Conclusions About Field Reporting

Field reporting can be your company’s next big move to beating the competition. Gain a competitive advantage over your industry with our easy to use features. Field reporting is a feature inside Schedule Xpress, and if you are interested in learning more about this feature and how we can help your business, feel free to contact us at our toll-free number or email us today!

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