The Important Role of Single Site Staffing in Healthcare

With the prevalence of COVID-19 in North America, many provinces in Canada have been searching to find a solution to stem the outbreak of the virus within their most vulnerable communities. Single site staffing presents a possible answer for preventing the infection of healthcare workers. As of July 9th, 2020, only British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba have issued single site staffing regulations in Canada.

What is Single Site Staffing?

In the Province of British Columbia, Canada, single site staffing has been ordered by the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry. This order requires long-term care, assisted living and provincial mental health facilities to limit medical staff to working at only one facility. This is to prevent the potential outbreak of COVID-19  between multiple facilities from healthcare staff that work in many locations. According to new regulations applied by the BC government on April 10th, it means that health care employers must:

  1. Restrict the movement of staff between facilities by ensuring that staff only work at one facility.
  2. Direct staff to work at the facility they are assigned to by a health officer.
  3. Not permit staff to work at any other facility unless they have been assigned to work at that facility by a health officer.
  4. Have their staff comply with specific assignments of a health officer with respect to the facility at which the staff are to work.

These regulations are a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic in BC. These new regulations affected healthcare workers in the following healthcare settings: Long term care, assisted living, Provincial mental health facilities, and acute care. An exception to this rule is if the employee works in community health, even if the employee is employed under one of the four healthcare settings listed above. To find out specifically what healthcare roles are not affected by the new regulations for BC, click here.

How Can Celayix Help Your Workplace?

Celayix can help your workplace navigate these new single site staffing measures governments have put in place. With our software, we can eliminate the manual effort of tracking and scheduling employees at a single site. Celayix has the ability to lock the employee down to one location for a period of time. No more accidentally scheduling employees at the wrong location, thus disobeying the single site staffing procedures that have been assigned. Employers can also set employees to only work with specific people, to prevent the potential spread of the virus if any employee is infected. In the case of an outbreak, only a small number of employees may be infected as they are always working with each other.

Another feature that Celayix offers is the ability to easily audit your employees. In the case of a breakout of a virus, employers can easily find out who has worked at the site. The employer will also be able to check what day employees may have been exposed and notify them through our in-app communication. With instant messaging functionality, quickly informing any possibly affected employees are simple and effortless.

Celayix: The Problem Solvers

Celayix is a best-of-breed scheduling platform used for a multitude of different healthcare organizations. We provide the very best scheduling, time & attendance and communication functionality for healthcare organizations, helping them handle increased demand, simplify their workforce management efforts, and keep their people happy and safe.

To find out how Celayix is helping healthcare organizations during the pandemic, click here to learn more. Alternatively, you can get in touch with on our solutions experts who will demonstrate how our powerful solution best fits to your bespoke needs.