Monitor employee attendance in real-time by generating automated alerts for missed check-in, early check-out, and more

Offer staff flexibility to self-schedule for shifts while still accounting for caregiver qualifications, rest breaks, compliance and more

Follow labor, business, and union rules, ensuring employees are paid accurately

Customize billing to insurance agencies and client requirements, without the hassle of organizing data from multiple sources

Analyze profitability by client, staff, etc. and transfer payroll, billing, and client costing data to payroll and financial software

Celayix Software offers healthcare employee scheduling software for medical offices (dentists, doctors and other professionals), home healthcare, extended care facilities, hospices, and more. Celayix can help free up your time to focus on more important tasks such as the patient, the required paperwork, payment collections, and many other tasks.

Healthcare companies are focused on providing top notch patient care. Providing a high level of care starts with healthcare workers and nurses knowing exactly what they are required to do and when the work needs to be completed.

Although the frontline healthcare workers are the ones that interact with the patient directly, admin staff (including scheduling, payroll and billing) are just as critical to the success of the organization. Celayix Software has worked with many types of healthcare organizations including home healthcare, hospitals, care homes, and others to ensure that the back office is run as efficiently as possible.

Frontline healthcare workers need to know details about when the shift starts and ends, where they need to be, and what tasks need to be completed (for home visits).

Celayix provides a solution that allows schedulers to build and manage schedules based on the needs of the patients and the business. In creating the schedule, the scheduler can take into account qualifications, skills, overtime rules and any other rules that are specific to the company.

Celayix can then have the scheduler assign staff to each shift, have the system automatically (autofill) assign staff to the open shifts, or even have staff pick shifts that fit their schedule. All of these methods, and others, follow any rules that have been set.

Healthcare Scheduling Software


For over a decade Celayix employee scheduling and time and attendance software has been utilized by a myriad of health care providers to effectively manage and monitor thousands of stationary and mobile health care workers.

“Celayix has had a snowball effect. Clients are happier and getting better care, employees are happier, and administrators are happier. It’s brought a whole new level of consistency and control.”

~Jamie Smith, Lead Administrator
In-Home Health Care

Celayix has proven to successfully solve common employee scheduling, communication and time and attendance problems specific to the health care sector. By streamlining health care workforce management processes with Celayix’s line of software products, organizations are able to save both time and money.

Automate Health Care Staff Scheduling

  • Dramatically reduce scheduling effort by automating assignments and changes
  • Schedule qualified employees for client assignments
  • Eliminate avoidable overtime incurred by employees

Streamline Health Care Staff Communication

  • Automate the collection of employee availability and time off requests
  • Quickly find and replace employees at the last minute
  • Publish and confirm employee schedules in real-time

Monitor and Capture Health Care Staff Time & Attendance

  • Monitor and confirm employee performance in real-time, ensuring client visits are adhered to
  • Generate automated alerts for missed check-in, early check-out and more
  • Follow labor, business and union rules, ensuring employees are paid accurately
  • Customize billing to insurance agency and client requirements, without time consuming multiple data

Analyze Business or Facility Operations

  • Automate the transfer of payroll, billing and client costing data to payroll and financial software
  • Analyze profitability by client, staff and more
  • Maximize revenue by ensuring hours worked are correctly billed

Health Care Case Studies

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