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Connecticut Veterans Hospital Eliminates Overtime

In this case study, the State of Connecticut's Department of Veterans' Affairs Hospital describes how they were able to eliminate all scheduling errors and overtime costs using Celayix shift-scheduling and time & attendance software.


State of Connecticut’s Department of Veterans’ Affairs Hospital

veterans hospital

The State of Connecticut’s Department of Veteran’s Affairs Hospital is a 190-bed hospital and 350-bed domicile, originally established in 1864. Today, the hospital provides both general medical care and a home for qualifying war veterans. They also administer aid and services to veterans and their dependents. Facilities include eight medical wards and 12 specialty clinics.

Location: Connecticut, USA

Industry: Long Term Healthcare

Size: 200-500 employees


As American military demands have increased, so too have the demands on the country’s veterans’ hospitals. For the State of Connecticut’s Department of Veterans’ Affairs Hospital, that meant strain on its computer systems.

Managers creating schedules for the nursing staff found their existing system complicated and cumbersome, with data stored in multiple places. Moreover, it lacked essential cost reporting required to run efficiently.

The system we were using to do nursing staff scheduling was just not able to meet the workforce management needs of the facility any longer,” said Jeff Lord, RN supervisor for the hospital.


The hospital began the search for a new workforce management solution with clear criteria: ease of use; a consistent, user-friendly interface; the ability to perform nursing staff scheduling across multiple departments, and a solution that the hospital could afford.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs Hospital found all of that (and more) in Celayix. Our software enabled users to quickly match employees with work assignments to create employee schedules, record employee attendance, and summarize bill and pay information.

“Within a month’s time, we eliminated all scheduling errors due to oversights and now we have none at all. The Celayix system also immediately allowed us to eliminate unnecessary overtime costs and as a result, we lowered our overall payroll costs – an enormous help for us.”

Jeff Lord, RN Supervisor


Error Free Staff Scheduling

Soon after Celayix was up and running, the hospital discovered the real benefits of using Celayix for its employee scheduling processes. The software ensures that the hospital assigns the required nurses to the right places, and prevents schedulers from missing or double-booking any shifts. Scheduling could be done much faster, schedules were of higher quality and in turn, patient care improved. “Within a month’s time, we eliminated all employee scheduling errors due to oversights and now we have none at all,” Lord said.

Elimination of Unnecessary Overtime

eliminate caregiver overtime

Celayix allows organizations to curate custom rules for overtime management. With these rules, schedulers are alerted whenever they assign a shift to a nurse that would be going into overtime. Now, the hospital has been able to eliminate all unnecessary overtime. Not only does Celayix notify users when an employee will be working overtime, but it also suggests the perfect replacement for that shift, depending on their qualifications. This was a huge time saver for the schedulers.

Reduction in Overall Payroll Costs

As a result of eliminating unnecessary overtime and improved schedules, the hospital saw a distinct reduction in their overall payroll costs. As you can imagine, this is a huge bonus for any organization. Lord recognized that these savings were “an enormous help” for the whole team. These savings can now be reinvested into patient care, resources and facility maintenance.

Centralized Data Storage & Improved Reporting

With Celayix, users also easily get from one place to another within the application without having to shuffle through paper or continually backtrack through menu after menu. Everything they need appears right there on one screen. The hospital also taps into Celayix for reporting on key metrics such as payroll hours, rates, and costs. These reports allow them to regularly review their expenses and identify opportunities for further savings.

This also applies to employees at the hospital. Within the Celayix mobile app, employees can view their schedule and communicate to management in one secure place.

Excellent customer support from Celayix

Celayix customer support graphic

Lord also finds value in its ongoing relationship with Celayix as a company, which continues to make sure that the hospital gets the most from the workforce management software.

“The other benefit that Celayix has unquestionably delivered to us has been in customer support. In a word, it’s flawless,” Lord said. “Whenever we have questions, the Celayix support group is very responsive, knowledgeable, and courteous, which is difficult to find anywhere these days.”

“We are very happy with the software. What Celayix represents in their sales process is exactly what is delivered during implementation and beyond,” Lord said.

If you’re interested in learning more about our software, check out our other case studies here! If you’d like to see how Celayix can help your organisation, check out a free live demo here!

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