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Workforce Optimization Systems – The Practical Guide to Success

Workforce Optimization systems integrate strategies to improve employee and organizational efficiency and decrease operational costs.

What is a Workforce Optimization System?

Workforce Optimization System

In short, a Workforce Optimization system is a business system that combines practices to improve your employee and organizational efficiency. As well as that, it decreases your operational costs by using data and technology. Workforce Optimization systems help companies to achieve organizational success. You can implement it in all areas of your business and it will help to streamline your workforce processes. Moreover, it ensures different departments are working well with one another.

What are the Benefits of a Workforce Optimization System?

Reduced operational costs

As mentioned, a Workforce Optimization system can help to decrease your organization’s costs by reducing the amount of money spent in areas like unnecessary overtime and overstaffing. Workforce Optimization systems allow you to automate parts of your business. For example, labor is a huge expense for businesses and by developing your workforce you can control the costs associated with it. Automating your processes means the software does the work for you and can save you up to 95% in scheduling time. What’s not to like?

Improves efficiency

A Workforce Optimization system guarantees you have the right number of employees in the right places. It gives you an inclusive picture of how your organization is staffed and what departments need more resources. This helps you to plan ahead for those busy business periods.

Increases productivity

Productive workforce

A Workforce Optimization system enhances communication between your departments and as a result, allows your teams to work well with one another. It also uses technology to analyze your team’s operations so you are kept in the know of how your employees are working.

Improves customer service and retention

Happy customers will ensure the business keeps flowing. An aligned workforce with a common goal of keeping customers happy will improve your customer satisfaction. There are dedicated workers responsible for customer service and customers never have to wait long for a response.

Keeps your company on top of the latest technologies

Keeping up with technological advancements is key to longevity in business. A Workforce Optimization system makes certain you are aware of what is happening within your business at all times. It has effective forecasting capabilities meaning you can accurately budget for large business expenses such as new technology or labor.

How can you implement a Workforce Optimization System?

Workforce Optimization systems involve analyzing data related to every department within your business. Then you must streamline those departments to improve the way your company runs. So, how do you execute it?

Use a Scheduling Software for your workforce optimization system

One way to optimize your workforce is through your scheduling software. This is software that tracks employee attendance and uses data to create schedules. Not only will this save time for your payroll team it is also great to help manage other areas such as unnecessary overtime.

Take, for example, one of our customers In-Home Health Care Services, who implemented our scheduling software and saw massive benefits. Before having an employee scheduling system they were manually pulling attendance from time-sheets and spending lots of time factoring in holiday pay and overtime. Not only did Celayix give them the exact attendance record from employees but we also simplified the entire billing process for them! As a result, they could bring payroll in-house and cut the amount of work they were doing in half. Saving approximately $25,000 in accounting costs per year! To read more on Celayix customers who have benefited from Workforce Optimization see here.

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance software will also ensure you know what is happening amongst your employees at all times. You can track their start and finish times, prevent buddy punching and ensure they are on-site with geofencing technology. As a result of having this technology in place, you can plan ahead for when busy periods are coming up. Optimizing your workforce can look like giving your team the ability to schedule their own shifts with self-scheduling options. This will save up time which can be given to other areas of the business. Time and Attendance tools like Celayix can save you up to a massive 95% in creating schedules.

Performance Management

Workforce Optimization systems analyze employee performance. It ensures your teams are operating efficiently and completing their dedicated work assignments. With tools such as Celayix, you can include shift tasks that your teams must complete by the end of their shift.

A Workforce Optimization system can be complex to get set up. However, it will save you money in the long run. Rather than increasing your operational costs on hiring new employees, you can put time and effort into optimizing and increasing productivity with your current workforce.

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