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US905 Series Time & Attendance Terminals

Flexible Time Clocks. Download a copy to share with others.

This Celayix information sheet is also available for download

Flexible Time Collection Terminals

time clock


  • This time clock series goes beyond check-in and check-out for sites with an excellent user experience thanks to its intuitive design and logical flow. It comes with a 3.5’’ TFT LCD Multimedia Color Screen and an integrated RFID reader
  • Maximum security for your firmware and files is guaranteed by using encryption, Data Backup, and retrieval
  • The US905 Series provides fast identification speed
  • Wi-Fi- as a standard feature on all devices
  • Hardware-level clock authentication
  • User-level duplicate punch prevention
  • Multiple-level job code support
  • Web server support as a standard function
  • Automatic status key switch
  • Daylight savings time
  • Customizable bell schedules
  • Private or public SMS messaging support
  • User attendance search

Hardware Specifications


ID Cards: 10,000
Transaction Storage: 200,000
Finger Templates: 8,000 (1:1 or 1:N)

Fingerprint Sensor



Ethernet , Wi-Fi


Operating Temperature: 32°F -113°F (0°C- 45°C)
Operating Humidity: 5% – 80%


12V DC 3A

Optional: 12V POE injector
Optional: 12V Battery Backup


3.5” TFT Color Screen


Width: 8.1 in. (20.5 cm)
Height: 5.7 in. (14.5 cm)
Depth: 1.9 in. (4.75 cm)
Weight: 1.15 lbs. (0.52 kg)

Supported Devices

S905-ID: Fingerprint and standard RFID prox reader
S905-HID: Fingerprint and standard HID prox reader
S905R: Standard RFID prox reader
S905R-HID: Standard HID prox reader

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