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Staff 1 Adopt Celayix To Handle Staff Scalability 

Staff 1 is a prime example of a company that had to digitally transform its workforce management processes due to the high level of scalability that they were undergoing. Read below to see understand how Celayix has revolutionized their scheduling and employee management.

Staff 1 is an event and security staff provider that is located in North Carolina, USA. Their goal is to provide best-in-class security, staffing and consulting across various industries and prides themselves on being more than a great security company. Their mission is to “Make it simple for businesses and institutions to efficiently protect, control and care for people, assets and their brand.”

Location: North Carolina, USA

Industry: Security/ Events

Company Size: 1,200


Before adopting Celayix, Staff 1 primarily relied on manual processes for scheduling and workforce management. This manual approach involved pen-and-paper methods for tracking employee schedules. A significant drawback was the lack of a centralized system for tracking employee availability and schedules. Staff 1 often struggled to determine which employees were available for specific shifts or events. 

To communicate schedules, they relied heavily on email, which introduced inefficiencies and made real-time tracking of changes or updates a daunting task. Managing schedules through Excel spreadsheets proved inadequate as the company grew, causing administrative chaos. As Staff 1 expanded its operations to encompass a larger workforce, manual processes became increasingly challenging to maintain accurately, as the sheer number of employees made efficient scheduling a complex endeavour. 

The limited control over work assignments was also a concern. The company could only schedule a limited number of venues due to the complexity and limitations of manual scheduling, limiting their flexibility in managing different events simultaneously.


geofencing on celayix mobile

Celayix’s innovative workforce management software presented tailored solutions to address the specific challenges faced by Staff 1. The introduction of self-scheduling allowed employees to build their own shifts within predefined rules, offering them greater autonomy while reducing the administrative burden on management. 

Our geofencing feature enabled Staff 1 to track employee locations, ensuring that they were where they needed to be for events and shifts, enhancing security and accountability. Automating scheduling processes with Celayix led to substantial time savings. Tasks that used to take hours with manual processes were now accomplished in a matter of minutes, allowing for a more efficient allocation of staff. 

The software’s configurability allowed Staff 1 to adapt the solution to their specific needs, tailoring it to the unique requirements of their industry. Time-off management and Etime features were widely used by employees, allowing them to request time off and manage their own time, reducing administrative overheads. The Schedule Xpress feature enabled quick and easy access to available staff based on their skills and availability, ensuring that the company had the right personnel for each event. 

Furthermore, Celayix effectively prevented double booking and errors by checking employee availability in real-time, ensuring no employee was scheduled for overlapping shifts.

Although reluctant to move on from our previous process that I was accostomed to, once I began using Celayix, I quickly understood its value and how much time and effort it was going to save us.

Scheduler, Staff 1


Places where there can be overstaffing

Enhanced Efficiency and Time Savings: The implementation of Celayix resulted in a remarkable boost in operational efficiency for Staff 1. Manual processes, such as pen-and-paper scheduling and Excel spreadsheets, were replaced with automated solutions. As a result, tasks that once took hours can now be completed in minutes. The introduction of self-scheduling and geofencing allowed for quicker, more accurate, and responsive workforce management. 

Improved Workforce Flexibility and Employee Satisfaction: Celayix’s features provided employees with greater autonomy and flexibility in choosing their work shifts. This empowerment significantly improved employee satisfaction, as they had a say in their work schedules and could align them with their preferences and availability. The ability to request time off and manage their time through the software further increased job satisfaction.

Error Reduction and Enhanced Accuracy: Celayix addressed the issue of double booking and errors by performing real-time availability checks. This crucial feature ensured that no employee was scheduled for overlapping shifts, significantly reducing scheduling errors and conflicts. The accuracy of the workforce management process increased, resulting in a smoother and more streamlined operation.

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