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Recruiting the Right Employees

Employees are often a businesses most important resources. This makes it crucial to ensure that you are hiring the best fit for your business needs. While this sounds easy, we know that it's not.

Ever had a co-worker that just does not seem to care about their job? Find people constantly wishing work was over so that they can go home? When recruiting a new employee, that is the outcome we try to avoid. The hiring process can be hard and grueling but there is only one goal in mind. To recruit the right employee, you need someone who fits within your culture. They should also add value to your organization in a meaningful way.

Here is what you can do to hire the right employee for your company:

Expand That Candidate Pool When Recruiting

Are good employees hard to find? Where are they hiding? The answer might be easier than you expect. Here is a couple of places you can turn to find qualified candidates:

Job Boards; Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and Glassdoor are just a few that can help your search for candidates.

Employee Referrals: Getting your employees to reach out to their network is a great way to advertise your posting for free!

Universities: Having a good relationship can bring in many candidates that may have not have heard of your company. Students could be looking for a variety of jobs such as an internship, a Co-op or a full-time job after graduation.

Social Media: Why not utilize platforms with the most reach around the world? Reach people that may have never seen your job posting! Even people who are not interested in your specific job posting could know someone who is. They can share the job posting with those who may be interested.

Industry Meet-Ups: You can find potential candidates at Industry meet-ups who are eager to network and connect with new people. The people who are the most passionate will be easy to spot and will stand out!

The goal is to expand your candidate pool and get your brand seen before you need to hire new employees. When you do eventually need new employees, you have numerous potential candidates with their resumes ready for the job opening.

The Job Posting

Having an amazing job posting is crucial for recruiting new talent. There are many ways to build a job posting. Here is a couple of pointers you can follow:

Talk to employees in the position: These are the people most in touch with what requirements the job needs. There is nothing worse than having a job posting that does not reflect the job at all.

Find successful existing employees: Talk to the most successful people in the role you are hiring for. They can help you find the best fit employee by providing insights into what makes them successful in the role. You can also then look for common traits and similarities in your new hires!

Build a profile of a successful candidate: Inside this profile include things such as core responsibilities, technical skills needed, and soft skills that would help them thrive. Beside skills, you can also add experiences. For example, if you are hiring a new salesperson, you would want a candidate with previous experience and a proven track record of high achieving sales. While it is important to list out all the important qualifications and skills needed for the position, try to keep your list concise.

With a great job posting, you filter out the people who may not have the technical expertise or may have not been a good fit for the company. It is absolutely vital to have an amazing job posting to attract the right talent to your doorstep.

Time to Hire!

Now we have finished doing all the prep work, we now have to received and process candidates for the final hiring! Below are some tips you could use to improve you hiring process:

Incorporate current employees in the recruiting process: Using your employees can be a great way to get the best results in your hiring process. Who knows the position better than the employees who are current in the position? They can help you review the applications for the skills determine if the candidate has the qualifications necessary for the job. Current employees experience the culture of the team firsthand and can see if the candidate will fit into the company well.

Do not forget about previous candidates: If you hiring, do not forget about all the talented and qualified candidates from a previous hiring that may have not been hiring due to external factors! In the time between when they applied and your new job posting they may have gained many valuable skills to elevate them from the rest of the candidate pool.

Background checks are important: Do not forget to do you due diligence with background checks! Do ask for references and background checks because you never know who you are hiring. You always need to do checks as you are responsible for the safety of your employees and are tasking with making sure the candidate is can be a contributing, value adding employee to the employee. For example, if you are hiring for a job that requires driving as a qualification, you do not want to hire a candidate with 15 DUIs.

Think about doing a trial period: Offering the candidate a temporary job with the possibility of going full time is an option to consider. With this trial period, you can assess if the candidate is a right fit for the culture and well as evaluating their attitudes and skills in the position they would assume.

Get to Recruiting That Perfect Employee!

Now you are an expert on hiring the perfect employee its time to go out into the world and apply what you have learned! Go forth and hire your ideal employee!

Written by Nippun Arora

Written by Nippun Arora

Nippun is the Marketing Coordinator at Celayix, primarily creating content and email marketing. He has been working with them for over 3 years.

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