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How You Can Improve Manufacturing Productivity With Time & Attendance Software

The need for time and attendance software is becoming increasingly necessary in the manufacturing industry. Read more here on its impacts on productivity!

One of the most important contributors to any company’s success is employee productivity. Many organizations look far and wide to find ways to increase employee productivity, ideally in a manner that maintains reasonable operational costs. But most of them do not fully consider how much administration employees are involved in each month or pay period. This can accumulate high costs for an organization. They also don’t recognize just how beneficial proper time management tools can be for productivity.

While most organizations quickly understand the value of project and task management software, such as CRM tools and other efficiency apps, they often overlook important HR productivity apps, such as employee time and attendance tracking software, which is one of the most impactful productivity tools an organization can adopt.

For example, Celayix is a time and attendance software solution which comes packed with powerful features which allow you to realistically assess the performance of your employees. We understand that, in the manufacturing sector, the amount of out-of-office work is much greater than that of any other industry, given the number of site visits that workers undertake. Therefore, it is difficult for companies to ensure that their employees spend 8-9 hours efficiently. We give you a way around this with our mobile check-in, which allows your employees to clock in and clock out remotely!

Time and attendance software in Manufacturing 

Manufacturing & Engineering companies depend upon overall operational efficiency to gain profits and compete in today’s global marketplace. It is not just the production or sales that determine the efficiency of manufacturing units, they have to deal with employee management too.

With a large number of employees working in various departments, shifts and the presence of contract labours make it hard for companies to manage the employees effectively. Manually managing a large number of employees, their leave & permission, shifts, contract labours, lunch breaks, payroll etc is definitely a hard-hitting job which consumes a lot of time and resources and is also prone to errors. This is where time and attendance software comes in.

Fully integrated employee time attendance software can help manufacturers in reducing management costs by streamlining employee leave, attendance, shifts etc and increase employee productivity and so increasing the overall efficiency of the company.

Impact of Time and Attendance Software on Productivity

One way to effectively manage the labor in your manufacturing business is by adopting efficient time and attendance software. An automated time tracking software program not only helps in managing the labour but also helps in reducing the labour cost.

For your better understanding, here are some more advantages of using a time tracking software program to manage your workforce effectively.

Accurate Scheduling

An effective time and tracking software program help employers in scheduling the right labor for the right job. It aids the employer in managing unscheduled absences and scheduled leaves without distressing other employees and without compromising their productivity.

For manufacturers, the software helps in managing overtime across the workforce and that too, at various factory locations. The software accurately tracks the refused or accepted requests and provides extensive insight into the trustworthiness and punctuality of workers.

Instant Visibility

Time and attendance software provide overall visibility of machines, production floor, labor force and the work-in-progress. This helps you get a comprehensive and accurate work completion and performance report.

With automated tracking software, an employer can avoid the hassle of manually monitoring the work performance of the employee. Employers can easily monitor which employee is performing which task and if at the right time. This eventually helps in adjusting the areas with low or poor productivity and assign more labor in the weak areas.

Reduces Labor Costs

Using automated software is always effective in getting accurate reports. Since time and attendance tracking software is an automatic and intelligent system, it accurately captures the timekeeping and all other attendance related data. It prevents many fraudulent activities such as logging additional working hours or buddy punching, which eventually result in overpayments from the employer’s end.

Since late check in, unauthorized overtimes, long breaks and other practices add up to labor cost, an automated software program eliminates the inaccuracies of time that add up to the overall business cost and reduce the business’s profitability.

Employee Satisfaction

When you incorporate effective time and attendance software such as the one offered by Celayix, it keeps your employees satisfied and happy. The software helps in labor compliance, facilitates the payroll activities, helps in, accurate and error-free calculation of compensation or wages and in providing a timely paycheck to the employees.

Hence, when a manufacturing business manages to carry out these crucial tasks accurately and in a timely manner, it keeps the employees motivated, happy, productive and loyal to the company.

Celayix has been offering time and attendance solutions for over 20 years, which we tailor to fit your unique business needs. We offer mobile/web-based check ins through our mobile app, which also allows employees to view their schedule which reduces the likelihood of missed shifts. Our time and attendance solution paired with our best in breed employee scheduling makes workforce management a walk in the park. If you want to hear more about our solutions, reach out to Solutions Advisor here to see a custom demo, or possibly start a free trial.  

Written by Conor Bourke

Written by Conor Bourke

Conor is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Celayix that focuses on PPC, social media and website management.

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