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The Celayix Ultimate Free Trial

The secret behind Free Trial and Freemium offers is that they usually don’t end up being used.

The reason is that most companies offer limited features, and don’t provide any training, onboarding, or support with their trial or freemium products.

That’s just annoying and frustrating. Busy people don’t have time to be left to figure it out themselves.

At Celayix, not only do we provide all of our customers with personalized training and onboarding, and toll-free support, but we also provide that for our Free Trial users.

Your time is too valuable to be wasted “figuring it out”.

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Free Trial – How It Works

  Full featured Celayix Ultimate Edition
  14-day trial period
  Get started by selecting the Free Trial button
  We’ll set up your Trial to fit your Industry
  Sample data included
  Free instructor-led one-hour training session
  Free toll-free phone and email support

You get the best possible experience to support your decision!

Free Trial – Is it Right for Me?

We offer a free software trial option to customers to help them evaluate the solution’s features and ease of use. We also include a free session with a solution expert to help address any questions.

However, our free trial is not the right option for you if:

1) Your needs are complex

Our free trial is designed to be a self-service option for evaluation. Request a free live demo if you would like a solution advisor to show you a custom demo & answer your questions.

2) You don’t have time

Like any new software, our free trial requires you to commit some time and effort to figure out if this is the solution for you. This may take more effort than a free live demo with a Solutions Advisor.

3) You have a large number of employees

For companies with 100+ employees, we recommend a free live demo with a Solutions Advisor instead of our free trial option.


Why Are We So Confident?

20 years of delivering on our promises.

Anthony Ramirez

Lincoln Security Services, LLC

What more can I say about Celayix? It’s the backbone of our business and allows us to schedule 10,000+ hour events in under 5 minutes. If you aren’t using this software for your scheduling you are doing your business a disservice. The Celayix customer support team is second to none and I’ve never had to wait in a long queue to speak to somebody. Great team, great product.

Claudia Novak

Perioperative nurses Inc.

This software product has been a wonderful, cost effective program for my staffing company to capture employee time and attendance, generate billing for these hours worked, and compile several statistical reports needed for my industry. It is very user friendly and Celayix worked hard to develop my program to meet all my specific needs. If I have a question, their continued support is always quick, efficient, warm and friendly.

Low Cost. No Risk.

It doesn’t get better than this.

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