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Home Health Care Software Your Agency Needs

Running a home health care agency is far from easy. However, with the right software, you can improve operations and client care with ease. We break down the areas where software can help, and how we at Celayix can provide value to your agency.

Digital transformation is an extremely prevalent feature in today’s organizations. Leaders such as John Chambers, CEO of CISCO, argue that it is so important that businesses will get left behind if they do not appropriately adopt new technologies. Industries such as home health care have seen modern demand for specific technologies in the form of software. The introduction of software streamlines home health care processes such as payroll processing and billing. It also enables easier record-keeping for compliance needs, faster access to patient data and better patient and caregiver experience.  

In this blog, we’ll discuss software that your agency can adopt to take it to the next level.  

Home health care is an essential cost-effective, personalized, and resilient alternative to in-hospital care. With the help of various software, this industry can grow and improve in years to come. The software you choose for your Home Health Care agency should address the following areas: 


A booking module allows clients to select the services they might need and book them quickly. This could include morning or evening routines, companionship, buying groceries, help with transportation, and so on. This function can also allow clients to book multi-visits, e.g., three visits a week for six months ahead, all at different times. It’s an easy, seamless feature that makes initial scheduling home health care visits significantly easier.  

Care plan 

Software solutions for home health care should provide features that help you get to know clients better. This could include complimentary visits with detailed questionnaires and questions like age, pre-existing conditions, hobbies and interests, services they require, etc. Having these details organized in a single place will help you design personalized care plans. 


An easy-to-manage employee schedule allows your clients and caregivers to monitor visits and plan their time better. Having a schedule at their fingertips makes your caregivers more flexible. 


Onboarding patients needs to be a consistent process for both clients and caregivers. Understanding how home health care levels differ and what skills are necessary for clients is essential in creating the right experience. During the onboarding process, you must be able to add caregiver skills, certificates, qualifications, field experience, and educational background. This can help you match caregivers to clients better. 

Online payments 

By using an elderly care system that features payments, you can significantly improve the cash flow and revenue. Receive timely payments, monitor unpaid invoices, and bill visits quickly. Online payments make this a painless process. Clients can add payment info from the first visit or when a care plan is developed. Caregivers can log hours after each visit, confirm them with the client, and bill the client immediately. 

Tracking ratings and feedback 

A pleasant experience keeps clients coming back, so they should be able to provide feedback and rate caregivers. This helps you maintain quality and gives caregivers a better understanding of how to care for individual clients. 


Running a home health care business means keeping a careful eye on operations and point of care recording. You need to see how effective your care home is and chart its progress over time. The management should be able to receive reports on booked hours vs. paid hours, forecast sales, review payments and feedback, and manage logistical issues. 

Compliance and data security  

It goes without saying that any software solution for medical purposes should take compliance and data security seriously. All confidential information such as hospital record data, patient case histories, and medical information should be carefully protected from data breaches since they may lead to lawsuits and financial repercussions. 

Data collection and scalability 

An integral feature of a platform for senior care businesses is data collection. Platform features should create, collect, access, store, and analyze data quickly while being HIPAA-compliant.  

Sometimes, facilities require additional features that aren’t available in out-of-the-box software. Other businesses are fully satisfied with the standard functionality provided. Whether ready-made or custom software is better for your facility depends on its business needs. 

Home Health Care Software 

In this situation there is no ‘one size fits all and it is important that you choose software that fits the needs of your HHC agency. That said, according to a recent McKinsey report, the greatest growth in labor demand by 2030 will be among health aides, technicians, and similar wellness and health professionals. With the continuous increase of professionals in this industry, it is essential that home health care agencies adopt an efficient scheduling process to manage the future growth of the industry.  

Celayix Employee Scheduling and Workforce Management software

How can Celayix Help 

“Now, with the help of the Visual Scheduler, posting a schedule only takes a couple of hours a week compared to no less than 10 hours a week previously.”- Kelly Richards, Branch Manager, Genesee District Library 

Celayix fits this solution when it comes to the integration of scheduling and time & attendance processes. As highlighted above, scheduling is a key process to the success of any home health care agency. The need for an easy and well organised scheduling solution is prevalent for these agencies and that is what Celayix can help with. With Celayix, you can cut the time it takes create a shift schedule by 95% and allows you to recover up to $350 per employee per month for companies employing between 10- 10,000 staff.  

The platform provides pre-formatted ready to use reports  that suit the health care industry and our existing HHC clients. We also provide seamless exporting of CSV data so that you can carry out more detailed analysis and include in other spreadsheet or documents you need to prepare.  Celayix also offers EVV solutions to home health care agencies. Reach out to a solutions advisor here if you need more information.

Celayix Mobile App for Caregivers

Through the Celayix mobile app staff/clients can log in their hours and make sure that they are billed for the correct amount of time that they worked. This use of online payments defeats the hassle of incorrect billing and frustration between managers and staff. Home health care agencies can significantly cut the time it takes to add up employees’ hours through this process.  

Home health care agencies contain many processes and finding the right software to accommodate these areas may be difficult. Depending on what aspects your business is lacking, Celayix can be one of the best software out there to streamline such processes. With the integration of scheduling, time & attendance, billing, payroll, and reporting agencies can save hugely on admin costs and focus on the more important aspects of the healthcare industry.   

Written by Chloe Driver

Written by Chloe Driver

Chloe is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Celayix, focusing on content strategy and website management. She has been working with Celayix for over 3 years and learned a lot about SEO and Website Development in that time.

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