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Employee Scheduling. Download a copy to share with others.

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Celayix Scheduling – Visual Scheduling and Communication System

Reduce scheduling efforts by as much as 95% with an easy to use, advanced scheduling tool for
building, managing, and communicating schedules with your employees.

Our powerful, rules-based scheduling engine allows for easy creation of collaborative schedules, including features like self-scheduling, shift bidding, schedule autofill, and more, offering distinct advantages to our customers.

Key Benefits of Celayix Scheduling

  • Rules-Based Scheduling – automate scheduling rules to account for shift qualifications, double booking, overtime, internal and external budgets, and others to ensure the right staff are scheduled for the shift.
  • Collaborative Scheduling – collect availability, time off requests, and other preferences to automatically build schedules, saving hours of scheduling effort.
  • Self Scheduling – save time by allowing staff members to schedule themselves into qualified shifts based on configured business rules, demand, and preferences.
  • Customize schedule layouts to match unique company and individual needs.
  • Quickly create and modify schedules using templates with drag and drop functionality.
  • Reduce time spent on schedule changes through group editing.
  • Ensure fair distribution of shifts by defining and using shift rotations.
  • Ensure fair distribution of shifts by defining and using shift rotations.
  • Communicate shift information with staff in real time through in-app, email or SMS messaging.


  • Customize Views

    Organize information to your individual needs, including color coding shifts and personalized views.
  • Flexible Filtering

    Zoom in and out of schedules to focus on any group of shifts for any time period you want.
  • Shift Editing

    Make one-off and bulk changes to schedules using drag & drop and other group editing functions
  • Availability and Time-Off Requests

    Compare employee availability and time-off requests to eliminate scheduling conflicts.
  • Communication

    Notify team members of new schedules and shift changes automatically, and also send in-app messages.
  • Find Replacements

    Quickly find replacements for shifts, while ensuring business rules like qualifications and overtime are followed.
  • Autofill Shifts

    Automate shift allocation based on rules, availability, rotations, pay rates and many more options.
  • Self-Scheduling

    Allow employees to self-select their shifts based on your organization’s specific rules.
  • Labor Forecasting

    Forecast shift coverage needs based on demand ratios.

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