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Our New Website – Designed for You

After months of hard work, we are so excited to finally show our new website off to the world! Take a look at what we've been working on, and how our new website can benefit you.

Introducing; our new website!

Here at Celayix, we are on the constant move to encourage growth, learning, and self-improvement within our teams. We apply this same attitude to our product, so it only made sense to apply it to our brand.

We have completely re-imagined our website to continue providing customers with the best-of-breed experience. Along with new content, the website features a new layout and sections to improve our readers’ journey.We did this for the benefit of new and existing customers alike.

We wanted our website to focus on the journey from research to purchase to continued customer support. To accomplish this, we needed a completely new design and structure. The main goal of this new structure was to anticipate and answer questions visitors have through their journey. We wanted users to have information that was easy to access, and that answered their questions before they even ask them.

With every decision along the way, we kept the customer journey at the forefront. This required more than changing colors and fonts. Instead, it took months of research, a complete re-brand, and a new website that shows off what we do.

What is new?

Central Hub of Information – Celayix Research

Research is a huge part of the customer journey. A good website enables a customer to know that they are making the right decision based on their unique business needs. It does this by providing relevant information. With that in mind, the Celayix website focuses on providing you, the user, with resources that deliver answers. Our new website highlights case studies, user feedback, and industry-specific research. The Celayix Resources Page is where you can find information about our product, industry knowledge, impact, and more.

Celayix Resource Section

As part of our new website we also wanted to highlight Celayix AI. We are the only true, AI-based scheduling software on the market. Our AI works with your historical scheduling behaviors to ensure best-fit candidates are filling your schedule. There are two main ways to use Celayix AI. The first is to check your schedule and provide suggestions for better-fit staff for particular shifts. You can then take action on the changes and update the schedule before sending to your staff. The second is to let the AI fill your schedule completely. Our AI does this based on your business rules, site rules, and all other requirements. This takes a matter of seconds and you have a schedule filled with best-fit and available candidates from your pool of employees.

Celayix AI processes a large amount of data before making its suggestions, making it the ideal scheduler. It knows all of your staff, it knows all of your rules, and creates suggestions based on what is best for your bottom line.

To learn more about Celayix AI, watch our AI video or check out our AI Blog Post!

User Experience

We wanted the new website to not only give information but also be a smooth and easy experience for visitors. This included removing common website features such as pop-ups to let users go at their own pace. We changed up our content and swapped text-heavy pages with easy-to-consume visuals and videos. Introducing industry-specific videos meant that we could give you an idea of what Celayix can do for you. We also wanted to give you an easy way to share information with your team about our product.

New: Pricing Page

To simplify the buying experience, visitors can now see all of our features and pricing on our pricing page. There, you can decide which tier; Basic, Pro, or Ultimate, works best for you and your business. 

Celayix Pricing Page

As part of the tiered pricing, we also introduced Celayix Basic. This is great for companies starting out with fewer employees, and just need a scheduling tool. All of our existing customers are on either Celayix Pro or Celayix Ultimate. However, we wanted to highlight the differences so users can see what works best for their business. Currently, we have 20% of customers on Celayix Pro and 80% of customers on Celayix Ultimate. The reason that Celayix Ultimate is our best-seller, is because it offers the greatest time and money savings. Check out our pricing page to see the difference.

New: Celayix ROI Calculator – Cost-Benefit Analysis

On the pricing page, users will also see our in-depth ROI (return on investment), calculator. This amazing tool helps you see how much money you can save with Celayix. The calculator takes 6 major factors into consideration:

  • Excessive Time Managing Schedules
  • Unbillable Overtime Expenses
  • Staff Turnover Costs
  • No-Shows, Sick-Calls, and Absences
  • Payroll Fraud
  • Payroll Errors

To use the calculator, either use our prepopulated data or enter your own to reflect your operations.

Pre-populated: The pre-populated data is for a company with 100 employees, min. wage of $15 per hour and average 37.5 hours per week-scheduled hours.

Celayix Cost Benefit Analyzer.

Custom: Get a customized analysis by clicking on the link and filling up the survey which looks like the following:

Cost benefit Analyzer Customized Analysis

We are so excited for the rest of 2023. Our new website will help us to provide customers with our best-of-breed approach to their staff scheduling, time and attendance collection, and employee communications!

Written by Chloe Driver

Written by Chloe Driver

Chloe is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Celayix, focusing on content strategy and website management. She has been working with Celayix for over 3 years and learned a lot about SEO and Website Development in that time.

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