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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free trial?

Do you offer discounts?

Do I have to sign an annual contract?

What if I’m not happy with my subscription?

Here’s where you can get answers to our most commonly-asked questions, including information how to subscribe, Free Trial software, and even some questions you haven’t thought of yet!



How do I buy?

Easy! Select any Get Started button you see, or you can call or email us from the Contact page. We will send you a digitally-signable contract for the products and services you want, bill you for your first month plus the one-time setup and training fee, and bill you monthly after that. The Readiness Assessment allows us to confirm that we can deliver your expectations.

Do I have to sign an annual contract?

No. We send you a digitally signable subscription agreement with the products and services you want, and we use your credit card to bill you monthly. The first month will include the one-time training and onboarding costs that provide you with instructor-led customized training for you and your team.

If for whatever reason you want to stop, simply email us and give us 30 days notice. This will give you enough time to extract any data you wish from your Celayix system and transition to a different system.

Do you have a Free Trial version?

Yes! We offer a Free Trial to all qualifed organizations.

What’s a qualified organization? One that we can solve a problem for. For reasons of resource availability, we don’t offer Free Trials to individuals not authorized to act on behalf of an organization. Here’s why:

The Free Trial is designed for prospective customers who may still be in the research and evaluation phase of their decision process. Free Trials come with a sample set of data for you to easily test out Celayix software.


Is the Free Trial Right for Me?

We offer a free software trial option to customers to help them evaluate the solution’s features and ease of use. We also include a free session with a solution expert to help address any questions.

However, our free trial is not the right option for you if:

1) Your needs are complex

Our free trial is designed to be a self-service option for evaluation. Request a free live demo for a solution advisor to show you a custom demo & answer your questions.

2) You don’t have time

Like any new software, our free trial requires you to commit some time and effort to figure out if this is the solution for you. This may take more effort than a free live demo with a Solutions Advisor.

3) You have a large number of employees

For companies with 100+ employees, we recommend a free live demo with a Solutions Advisor instead of our free trial option.

Do you have a Freemium or Free version?

We don’t have a free version at this time.

The reason we don’t is because if we do eventually offer one, we don’t want it to be a marketing gimmick to trick you into wasting your time and effort only to find out that you can’t solve your scheduling and time & attendance problems. We’ve all had that happen, and it’s frustrating.

Every Celayix customer gets instructor-led training and on-boarding when they start. We haven’t seen a good substitute for that yet. Perhaps when we do, then it will be time to look at a Free version with a special Celayix twist that makes it actually useful.


Will you match a competitor's price?

Celayix provides more functionality and features than any other employee scheduling and time & attendance software available. We monitor dozens of competitors continuously and we know we have the best solution for your money.

However: if you see something we missed, and you think we aren’t providing the best value after you’ve checked out our website here, tell us! If we need to tailor a solution to fit a unique situation, we’ll do it!

What if my demand is too unpredictable?

You can use our Rostering license option. We charge a small fee (typically less than 10%) for every person you will list (aka “roster”) in your Celayix system.

Then we bill you each month only for the people that you schedule. We track it, and if you don’t have any business for a period of time (like in a pandemic), then you’re being billed less than 10% of your license cost while your business comes back to full strength.

Can I upgrade any time?

You can add products or upgrade at any time. Reach out to our Sales team or call us at 1-888-591-5558 and we will get you upgraded today.

Why do I have to pay for a "one-time on-boarding" charge?

One of the things that makes Celayix special is that we ensure you get trained, get your employee data loaded, and get your first schedules set up. We provide you with a tailored-to-fit solution that is ready to save money right now.

We made it mandatory because when it was optional, of course, people wanted to save money and often declined the option. Those who declined had poor outcomes.

Now we have great outcomes for our customers when they experience our on-boarding and training.

What if I don't know how many people I need to schedule?

For most of our customers, it’s pretty easy to get started and contact Customer Support to add more as you grow, or subtract licenses if your demand decreases unexpectedly.

If you have a seasonal or unpredictable business such as event scheduling, for a small premium our Rostering option will have us monitor your usage and bill you for only what you use each month.

Can I talk to one of your existing customers before I decide?

If the dozens of testimonials and case studies, a customized demo showing your problems solved in mere minutes, and a Free Trial aren’t enough to make you comfortable, we can reach out to our customers to see who is available for a reference call.

We only ask that this is the last step in your decision process so we don’t arrange reference calls for people who are not ready to proceed if the reference call meets their needs.

We do everything we can to make a prospective customer feel comfortable with their decision, and we also want to respect the time of our existing customers.

Is there a volume discount available?

Good question! If you’ve checked out our Cost-Benefit Analyzer, you already know we are going to drive a lot of value for you and help you scale your growth.

Our per employee pricing means that our pricing scales hand-in-hand with the benefits you receive. That’s simple and fair.

Wouldn't it be better to choose an All-In-One solution?

Another good question!

If you need an All-In-One solution, we can make that happen for you, so just ask. We will work with other Best-Of-Breed partners of ours to tailor a fully-integrated solution for you.

This way, you don’t have to settle for “good enough” or suffer high switching costs if you need to upgrade only a part of your solution later. Get the best for your business and we will make sure we fit perfectly.

The risk of having your core business activities depend on one vendor is too high and unnecessary with modern software integration support. Celayix supports over 80 different software integrations. Let us know what you need.

What if I don't see a feature I need in your list?

We tried to include the list of features that are most popular. We have well over 150 major features and capabilities and we release new features monthly – we couldn’t possibly include them all here.

The best thing to do is schedule a demo with us that we will tailor to your needs. Let us show you what we’ve got. If it’s a scheduling or time & attendance problem, chances are we’ve solved it at some point in the last 20 years.

If not, we’d love to hear about a problem we haven’t run into before!

What Makes Us Special?


20 years of experience in automating scheduling and time & attendance.

Shanna Rigby
Scheduling Manager – Caesar’s Entertainment

We use Celayix for all our extra shift booking for multiple properties in the city. The system is easy to use and the Customer Support team offers quick resolutions. I highly recommend them!