Restaurant Employee Scheduling Software

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As a restaurant manager, your life is busy. It doesn’t take advanced powers of deduction to figure that one out. Therefore, the manager or owner of a restaurant wants anything that will make his or her life easier. Restaurant employee scheduling software can do that in various ways. Read on below to see some unexpected ways in which staff scheduling software can help any restaurant to reach its objectives.

Software That Supports Flexibility

In an ideal world, when making the employee schedule, the restaurant owner would be able to sit down at their desk with a cup of coffee, a nice pastry and quickly set the schedule. Although we can provide software that makes staff scheduling quick, easy and accurate, we can’t take away the inherent madness of the restaurant environment. What’s great about Celayix scheduling software is that it allows management to use it anywhere. At their desk, on the move or in the thick of it on the restaurant floor. They can use it on mobile or desktop, allowing them to adapt to their setting and still execute any scheduling function they need to.

Improves Overall Communication

Two of the top five reasons employees are unhappy are directly related to communication, or a lack thereof, according to Taking this in to account, communication is a significantly important concern for restaurant owners. In a hectic restaurant environment, miscommunication is ever-present. Staff scheduling software allows restaurant managers to clearly communicate to employee’s their individual schedule, possibly weeks in advance. This removes any vagueness or obscurity, helping to build a positive relationship between management and staff and avoiding no-shows or mix-ups.

Management Can Focus on More Important Issues

When setting aside a few hours a week to write out the employee schedule, it may seem like an activity that simply must be done to keep things functioning properly. However, couldn’t this time be dedicated to much more useful areas? According to, Restaurant managers waste up to 140 hours a year creating employee scheduling spreadsheets. With restaurant scheduling software this time can be saved and put towards generating new business or building relationships with staff or customers.

Increases Employee Satisfaction

Following on from last last point, when schedules are clearly defined and communicated, employees tend to have higher job satisfaction. Reasons being that they feel trusted and empowered when they receive this kind of autonomy from their employers. With Celayix employee scheduling software, employees can set their own schedules, and even communicate with management and fellow employees using the messaging service. This empowerment, in turn, has a major effect on staff turnover. According to the U.S Department of Labour, there is a 73% turnover rate in the restaurants and accommodations sector. In order to turn a profit and provide excellent service, a restaurant must retain high quality staff.  Therefore, it’s important to communicate well, provide autonomy and empower employees if you want to keep them.

Generate Positive Word of Mouth

When employees are happy, they tend to pass this happiness on to the customer by providing great service. All restaurant owners have probably experienced this first-hand. Providing excellent service is a must in 2019. Why? Because 78% of restaurant diners said they are likely to base their choice on a friend’s recommendation. Restaurants no longer depend on word-of-mouth to attract new business, they depend on “world-of-mouth”. This being online reviews, testimonials and social media posts about a restaurant. It’s hugely important for restaurants to generate positive word/world of mouth from customers, in order to improve their reputation, offline and online. Having happy employees and stable staffing levels by using restaurant employee scheduling software can almost guarantee a consistently high level of service. Of course consistency is important – as a consumer is 21 percent more likely to leave a review after a negative experience than a positive one. Scheduling software can help to ensure that all reviews are positive and stay that way!

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Around the Clock Support

One thing that’s for certain about the restaurant industry is that it doesn’t abide by the traditional, nine-five, Monday-Friday schedule. Depending on the type of restaurant, it can have a very mixed schedule. What’s great about staff scheduling software from Celayix, is that it comes with 24/7/365, around-the-clock support. We know that restaurant owners need help at all hours of the day and night. So, whether it’s Monday morning madness or a Saturday night soiree, we’ve got your back!

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