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Health Center Makes Scheduling Compliant with IWDD Program

This case study outlines how a non-profit health center ensured 100% scheduling compliance with West Virginia's IWDD program, simplified their scheduling process, and improved their workforce management using Celayix shift-scheduling and time & attendance software.


“Non-Profit Health X” (Organization name confidential)

The health center is a non-profit organization servicing individuals with various types of disabilities. They provide outpatient services to meet client needs in the areas of crisis intervention, mental health, addiction recovery, and developmental disabilities services.

Location: West Virginia, USA


Industry: Non-Profit/Home Healthcare

Size: 450+ employees

Non-Profit Health X’s developmental disabilities department provides care and assistance to people who fall under West Virginia’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Waiver (IDDW) program, formerly known as Title XIX MR/DD program. This statewide program provides compensated services to individuals with mental or developmental disabilities, in their home and community as an alternative to receiving services in a centralized facility. The waiver policy outlines specific requirements including: 

  • Who is eligible for care
  • How organizations implement care
  • Compensation of the providers of intellectual and developmental disabilities services

Therefore, Non-Profit Health X had a large portion of its workforce that required a sophisticated set of skills to serve their clients at various locations. In fact, some employees held up to 20 certifications to work with various clients.

If Non-Profit Health X failed to schedule staff with the correct certifications and training for specific clients, Non-Profit Health X could potentially repay up to 100% of their services back to the State of West Virginia.


Celayix’s scheduling solution includes a customizable, rules-based engine to ensure only qualified employees will be assigned to shifts. Schedulers could easily create and fill shifts and be 100% compliant with the program to avoid potential penalties. 

“We met with several vendors; however there was an immediate attraction to Celayix due to the fact that we could essentially lock-out employees without the correct certifications.”

Scheduling Coordinator


Simplified scheduling process

Non-Profit Health X now has an automated scheduling process that now auto-assigns employees based on the shift requirements. The scheduling coordinator no longer needs to manually check each employee’s qualifications before assigning them to a shift. In addition, if last-minute changes need to be made to the schedule due to employee sick calls, the scheduling coordinator can easily find a replacement based on required qualifications.

100% compliance with the IWDD program

The Celayix system automatically keeps a record of all certifications for each employee. This includes the date that the certification was issued and will expire on. The system will prevent the scheduler from assigning shifts to an employee who has expired certifications. That way, the manager can remind the employee to renew their certification. This helps Non-Profit Health X stay 100% compliant with the IWDD program’s requirements.

Remote workforce management made easy

Non-Profit Health X’s managers can easily see the location of their employees in a map of their service area. On the map, they can see check-in/out times, late shifts, and no-shows at a glance. Using the system, they can easily follow up with shifts that require attention and be at ease for shifts that are going as they should.

Overall, the Celayix system ensures Non-Profit Health X complies with the needs of the IWDD program, saving them thousands of potential penalty fees. They can easily keep track of the multitude of employee certifications and ensure they are in line with the IWDD program’s needs.

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