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Fraser Valley Regional Library Moves To Celayix To Better Suits Staffs Needs

A case study outlining why Fraser Valley Regional Library made the switch to Celayix from a previous software to improve their overall scheduling needs and employee satisfaction.

Fraser Valley Regional Library (FVRL) was established in 1930 and was the first of its kind in North America. Today it is the largest public library system in British Columbia, with 25 community libraries serving over 820,000 people in its service area. Their vision is “Improving the quality of life for our communities through knowledge, ideas and experiences.”  

Location: Vancouver, Canada 

Industry: Library 

Company Size: 350+ Employees 


Prior to adding Celayix to their processes, FVRL had been using an outbound call-scheduling software to schedule their staff based on seniority on a daily basis. Over the space of a few years, this system became outdated and didn’t fit the specific needs of Fraser Valley Regional Library. 

Problems including the absence of updated software and lack of automation meant that they spent excessive time dealing with scheduling difficulties. Staff had to be by their phones during certain hours in order to receive a call to pick up a shift, which no longer suited the needs of FVRL. 


FVRL were seeking a software solution that would facilitate more automation to allocate their time on other tasks better while keeping their staff engaged with their work and having better visibility of their weekly schedules. They schedule the right staff for the right shift based on qualifications, seniority and availability through our shift bidding method. Shift bidding has given the responsibility to the employees in terms of being able to bid on the shifts that they want  

Both Supervisors and employees have benefitted greatly from this feature due to the empowerment of employees in choosing their hours and less scheduling time for the scheduling supervisors.  

“The Supervisors and employees love Celayix. We are now able to schedule our employees the way we want and the support team has been so helpful from the beginning.”

Director of Organizational Development, Fraser Valley Regional Library  


Better Automation 

Since their adoption of Celayix, FVRL has been able to automate its scheduling processes a lot more. With automated library staff scheduling, they have made the process faster, fairer, user-friendly and more resistant to errors. Most importantly, the library saves much-needed time and resources every week in creating an employee schedule. 

Engaged Staff 

The Celayix Employee App lets employees view, bid and manage their schedules as they please. This has led to a reduction in confusion across the workforce as employees can now see what shift they can bid on and which ones they have been approved for. FVRL staff “really like the app” for these reasons, which is always great feedback for the Celayix team! 

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