Evention & Celayix

Celayix Software and Evention are pleased to announce their collaboration, which provides seamless integration of scheduling, time and attendance and gratuity payroll. Especially hotels, casinos, convention centers and venues will benefit from this collaboration, with some of the world’s largest casinos and hotels in Las Vegas already utilizing the integration with great success. By eliminating the need to re-enter data manually, payroll accuracy is greatly increased and the payroll and billing cycles shortened considerably.

Built on Microsoft Azure, the package allows secure handling of all communication in the cloud and a smooth integration for customers

Vancouver, BC – July 17, 2015

“By combining Celayix Software’s schedules with Evention’s gratuity distribution automation, we are able to provide our clients with a complete flow from the moment an employee is scheduled to the point they receive their paycheck,” states Erik Nejman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner with Evention. “Celayix Software provides an incredible workforce management solution, and it made perfect sense to create direct integration resulting in even more value for our customers.”

“For Celayix Software, integrating Evention’s hospitality expertise and gratuity software solution into our product enables a complete schedule-to-payroll solution that has not been available within the industry,” adds Richard Metcalf, Vice President of Partner and OEM Sales at Celayix Software.

To provide an exceptional experience and seamless integration to their customers, Microsoft Azure was utilized to build bridging web services between the two applications.

This way, customers don’t need to worry about any integration challenges or additional IT requirements, as all of the communication is handled securely in the cloud. “Evention has built its infrastructure on Azure and uses the flexibility of the platform to bring its solution together with Celayix Software, creating reliability, enhanced-security, and the ability to scale to meet customers’ continuously evolving needs,” said Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure.

For more information, visit Evention’s website at www.eventionllc.com or Celayix Software’s website.

About Evention LLC:

Founded in 2004, Evention LLC is a software provider that is reinventing back-office management for the hospitality industry. Evention hospitality management applications provide a fresh perspective on hotel management by bridging the gaps between existing applications through unique web-based solutions.

By utilizing Evention’s services, hotels can eliminate cumbersome manual processes and increase their productivity, allowing more time for customer service. Evention prides itself on offering this unique automation that has already improved and will continue to advance back office management in the hospitality industry.