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Celayix Technology Partner Program

Integrate your software directly with Celayix to increase functionality and provide more value to your customers. You might even gain some Celayix customers along the way.

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Your benefits as a Celayix Technology Partner

If your existing offering is missing an employee scheduling, time & attendance or workforce management element, we’re here to help. With our API, our development team will work with you to build out a comprehensive integration.

As a technology partner, you can expand your offering, as well as being advertised as part of the Celayix eco system!

How to become a Partner

Fill out the Application Form

Chat with a member of the Celayix team to assess approval.

Work with the team to build out an API integration

Win more deals and new customers!


Can I learn more about your API first?

We ask that anyone interested in becoming a technology partner fills out an application form, and speaks to a member of our team. Once we’ve established a potential fit, we can provide you with information on our API. 

Who builds the integration?

We handle this on a case-by-case basis. Reach out to us today if you have an integration ready to go that you think might work with Celayix. Visit our Contact Us page, or fill out a Partner Enquiry form, and a member of the team will reach out ASAP! 

Will I be advertised on the Celayix Website?

Of course! We love advertising our partners and featuring them as part of the Celayix Ecosystem. It benefits us, as we offer extended functionality, and it benefits you as you’ll reach and identify more opportunities!  

What our Partners say

Erik Nejman, Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Evention, Technology partner

“By combining Celayix Software’s schedules with Evention’s gratuity distribution automation, we are able to provide our clients with a complete flow from the moment an employee is scheduled to the point they receive their paycheck.”

Ready to Become a Technology Partner?

Other ways to Partner

Reseller Partners

Benefit from healthy margins right out of the gate to help you get started. Invest in learning how to deliver our solution. You’ll get additional margins, training, and support to make you successful!

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Referral Partners

Recommend Celayix to your customers and get rewarded. Refer potential customers to us, and we’ll pay you commissions for anyone that signs up!

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