What’s new with Schedule Xpress?

You may not have noticed, but new functionality has been added in the form of shift tasks. In order to find out more, you can read the two sections detailed below, each accommodating to the administrator and the user. Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about Schedule Xpress itself, you can take a product tour.

For Administrators

This feature needs to be enabled by Celayix support.  Please email support@celayix.com if you want this feature enabled.

Shift tasks is a feature that can be enabled and added to your shifts, that allow for additional tracking of tasks that might need to be completed by your employees.  These could be used in a variety of fashions and you can decide if this is something you want to use, and how you will use it.  Not only can you add the tasks to shifts, you can also have your employees mark them complete, obtain signatures, upload documents and add notes that are directly tied to these tasks.

Creating/Editing Shift Task Lists

To create a new shift task, click the settings gear on the left side of Schedule Xpress.  Select Shift Task lists.

To create a new task list, you can click Create task list and start adding tasks.  This builds a list of possible shift tasks that you can choose from, when creating a shift inside Schedule Xpress.  Keep in mind that if you wish, you can let the employee create and add their own tasks.  Once you’ve added a task list, you can edit it using the .

This includes editing the descriptions, or even adding/removing some tasks.

Adding Tasks to Shifts

Once you have added in some tasks, you can add them to a shift.  To do this, just edit or add a shift like you normally would, and notice that you will have a field to select from when adjusting a shift. You can choose to add an entire task list, or even just choose individual tasks and associate them to the shift.

This will appear on the employee app Team Xpress, and will be something you can require your employees to review and complete while they are on their shift.

Review Shift Tasks

Once you’ve added some tasks to shifts, it will be up to your employees to go ahead and start setting those complete as they work their shifts.  If you want to review a shift and see what tasks have been marked complete, you can select the shift and use this icon to do so.


This will potentially show you a number of things, such as:

-Check in/out times

-Submitted signatures

-Documents/photos that have been attached


-Tasks completed

All of the above will include a time stamp and date.


For Staff & Schedule Xpress users

The shift tasks feature needs to be enabled by an administrator. It is a feature that you can use, or may be required to use, to track your tasks while you are on shift.

You may notice the following tab on your shift, called Activities:

It is here that you may see activities/tasks that your supervisor wants you to complete while on shift.  Please note, in some cases your supervisor may even require that you complete these, before being allowed to check out.  To mark a task complete, just click or tap on the circle icon.  This mark it complete and time stamp when you completed it.

If you don’t see anything listed on the activites tab, then you are free to add them here as well, using the Add tasks button.

Add Note

You can add a note that is related to these activities by clicking the Add Note button.  This allows you to add more details about the tasks you completed and even allows you to upload a photo or document.  For example, you may have been tasked with cleaning something.  You can mark that it is complete but you could also take a photo to prove that you cleaned up.  This is all review able by supervisor.  If you aren’t sure how you should use this feature then just talk to your supervisor and find out how you are supposed to use this.

Add Sign

You can also get a signature from someone to certify that you have in fact completed your duties correctly. Talk to your supervisor, as they may/may not require you to do this.  For example, you may be asked to have someone at your work site “sign” that you have completed your tasks.  Simply click the Add Sign button and ask the person to sign on your phone(if using the app) or let them sign on a computer.  Again, this can be reviewed later by your supervisor as further validation that all duties that needed to be performed have been completed.


The log is the next tab to the right of activities.  This will show you all items related to your shift, including the items you added under activities.  For example, this will show you when you checked in, if you obtained a signature, attached a file etc.  This allows you to confirm that the items you were supposed to complete or add to the shift are in fact there.  Please note, this is a log, so no option to “edit” any of these things here. It merely shows you the tracking of what has happened so far on the shift.