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Toronto Security Company Enhance Their Scheduling and Reporting Processes

toronto case study

Take a look at how a Toronto-based security company implemented a more sophisticated scheduling and time & attendance process to streamline tasks such as daily employee scheduling, absence requests, accurate payroll billing and tracking their guards' check-in and out times.

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Workforce Management Resources

Here is a one-stop shop you can learn about automating employee scheduling
and time & attendance best practices for your organization.

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Customer Review/Testimonial – Commando PDS

Customer Review/Testimonial – Commando PDS

For over 20 years, Celayix has been helping customers get the most from their staff scheduling, time and ...
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Adapting for Survival, Pivoting for Thrival – COVID-19

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Home healthcare organizations can experience operational problems that can affect patient care. We've listed 5 ...

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