With over a decade of experience in workforce management solutions, Celayix Software can help automate scheduling, streamline communication, and track employees. Celayix is committed to providing best-of-breed staff scheduling software, and is proud to deliver business solutions for our customers’ biggest asset – their workforce.

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Features and Benefits

Publish Schedules

Employees who dial in are granted access to schedules 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Clock In/Out

Record employee attendance with mobile or landline telephone connections. Mobile workforces can be tracked and monitored by caller identification.

Safety Checks

Monitor the health and safety of employees working in remote locations.

Automated Alerts

Managers can be instantly alerted to no shows or late check-ins when employees fail to clock-in/out within specified time frames or when not using authorized telephones.

Simplified Menu Structure

Only options applicable to the action that an employee must take will be presented making it easy to perform the action and exit the system.

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