Celayix Team Xpress

Celayix is proud to announce the launch of Team Xpress, the newest addition to the Celayix suite of employee scheduling, time and attendance, and communication tools.

Click here for the virtual product tour. 

Team Xpress is an easy to use scheduling management tool for your team members providing real-time, 24/7/365 access to their schedules. Powerful capabilities include notifications of shift changes, alerts of upcoming shifts, supervisor messages and more. Best part? All of this is available through both the web and mobile app.

Communicating with your employees is key. Team Xpress allows you to easily manage your workforce and their day-to-day operations

Highlights of Team Xpress for Your Business Operations:

  • Publish shifts for 24/7, 365 employee viewing
  • Collect check ins/outs using geofencing
  • Publish shifts for employees to view and self-schedule
  • Get alerts of late or missed shifts
  • Collect precise time capture for accurate record keeping, billing, payroll, and compliance
  • Collect acknowledgement from employees when shift details change
  • Collect availability and time off request from employees
  • Communicate via chat in real time with employees

Highlights of Team Xpress for Your Employees:

  • View and confirm upcoming shifts as well as acknowledge shift changes anywhere, anytime.
  • Clock in/out of shifts and breaks with and without geofencing
  • Self-Schedule into open shifts
  • Submit availability to supervisors in real time ensuring accurate schedules are created
  • Submit time off requests through the app for manager approval
  • Submit Time Sheets
  • Communicate via chat with other employees and supervisors
  • Manage contact information

Interested in learning more? Contact us or watch a webinar on Team Xpress!