Keeping Millennials Engaged in Your Workforce

Millennials Communication


As a younger generation of employees starts taking over the workforce, employee engagement is becoming increasingly important. Millennials desire greater flexibility, higher accountability from their employers, and greater satisfaction from their job. Why should this matter to business owners and operators? Because Millennials will comprise more than one of three adult Americans by 2020 and 75 percent of the workforce by 2025.

One of the most effective ways to keep your workforce engaged is to create an easy way to communicate back and forth. Some jobs, especially ones in the hospitality industry, are casual and on call. Employees and employers must be in constant communication in order to effectively utilize their workforce. This is next to impossible if you are utilizing old school techniques like cork boards, calls, emails, or text. Often times, service industry employees work for various competing employers and are actively looking for shifts. If your competitor is more efficient at communication, then you will lose out on talent and be at a disadvantage.

One way to improve communication and engagement is to implement an advanced employee scheduling and communication system. An advanced employee scheduling can provide you with many functions such as in app text communication, time off requests, providing availability, communicating schedules, communicating shift changes, and more. This can help give you an operational advantage over your competitors.

When employees are given these types of tools, it shows that the employer is invested in providing an engaging work environment that cares about the needs of its employees. This helps foster higher engagement. When employees are engaged, everyone wins. Productivity increases, you attract and retain the best talent, your customers receive better service, and the reputation of your business is enhanced.

We at Celayix strive to empower our customers to innovate and improve their scheduling, time & attendance, and employee communication. We have dozens of documented cases where our customers have drastically improved their employee engagement.

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